Updated: May 30, 2019
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Kiritanpo Nabe: Akita Regional Hot Pot In Tokyo!


Have you ever heard of "Kiritanpo"? Kiritanpo is a kind of regional dish in Akita prefecture in Tohoku district. In winter people enjoy eating kiritanpo as ingredients of nabe, a Japanese hot pot dish. But don't worry. There is no need of visiting Akita when you want to try some kiritanpo nabe. This post will introduce 5 spots where you can feel like visiting Akita and enjoy some kiritanpo nabe.

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What is "Kiritanpo"(きりたんぽ)...?

"Kiritanpo" is a traditional food of Akita prefecture made from freshly harvested rice. Kiritanpo is delicious eaten by itself but more enjoyable when added into nabe, a Japanese hot pot dish. The unique name comes from its shape, which looks like a spearhead.

Namahage Ginzaten: なまはげ銀座店

You will be welcomed by Namahage at the entrance, a traditional minister demon of Akita. You'll probably enjoy the whole atmosphere of the restaurant.
There are 3 different kinds of courses from 5,500 yen to 7,500 yen. All 3 courses include kiritanpo nabe and 2 hours of all you can drink that include some of Akita's sake.

Masaki: 秋田料理 まさき

5 minutes walk from Kitasenju station, at Masaki you can have kiritanpo nabe with some great yakitori, chicken skewers.

Kiritanpo nabe is offered from 2 servings, 1,800 yen per person and you can upgrade your chicken with additional 550 yen.

Akitabisaikan: あきた美彩館

Located in the 3-minute distance by walk from Shinagawa station. In Akitabisaikan, you can enjoy various kinds of regional Akita foods including the kiritanpo nabe.

There is an original souvenir shop adjacent to the restaurant so you can also find some interesting Akita products.

Murata: むら田

If you want to enjoy kiritanpo nabe in a comfortable mood, Murata will be your choice. They offer the most traditonal style of kiritanpo nabe at 7,000 yen with drinks included.

Reservations are a must at least 3 days before.

Imaiya: 今井屋

2 minutes walk from both Shinjuku and Shinjuku sanchome station, Imaiya is a place where you can enjoy the ultimate taste of all Akita foods. Only in the winter season, they offer organic kiritanpo nabe in a course for 4,500 yen per person.

Try the traditonal taste of Akita, Kiritanpo!

Did you find this article interesting? Kiritanpo is yet not a familiar food among foreigners but a dish worth a try. Let's warm up with some kiritanpo nabe!

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