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MiLKs In Ebisu, Tokyo, Is The Much Talked About Soft Serve Ice Cream Served With Alcohol!! [PR]

A soft serve ice cream store has opened in Ebisu in March 2017 and is already the talk of the town because of its super photogenic store and ice cream! This is every adult's dream come true, a shop where you can enjoy alcohol with your ice cream!

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A super sleek and trendy ice cream shop, MiLKs

Only about 1 minute from Ebisu Station, MiLKs opened its store on the 5th floor of the Granbell Ebisunishi Building in March 2017. The stunning pure white interior is relaxing to almost a therapeutic level.
The luxury sweet shop is geared towards adults. You can enjoy delicious, low-calorie ice cream with any liqueur you can dream of!
This shop is really trendy with swings at the counter, there are also very comfortable table seats, and also private rooms where four people can enjoy a nice time.
The lighting changes at night for a more romantic mood.

Any liqueur your heart desires with your ice cream!

At MiLKs, there are three options to choose from in the menu.
The "MiLKs Puchi" option comes with ice cream (thick or fresh type), liqueur (2 types), toppings (cacao nibs, sake lees powder, sprinkles) & coffee or black tea (¥1,280 taxes not included).
The "MiLKs House" option, which also comes with 3 types of petit fours (apple pie, salt lemon cookie, and strawberry cookie) and thick yogurt (¥1,680 taxes not included).
There is also the "MiLKs Garden" option, which comes with ice cream, liqueur (3 types), 5 types of petit fours (apple pie, salt lemon cookie, strawberry cookie, sesame pound cake, and ganache), and thick yogurt (¥1,960 taxes not included).
This original ice cream uses milk carefully selected from Hokkaido, and they serve two types: thick or fresh.

The ice cream is served in a big cup and the portion is quite big!
If you try the ice cream on its own first, it is very rich, yet the aftertaste is very refreshing.
There are over 130 types of liqueur to choose from!!
Rest assured, people who don't drink or people accompanied with children, can choose from a variety of non-alcohol liqueurs!
Ice cream and liqueur blend together and the scent and taste are complementary in such an unexpected way! Depending on the liqueur you chose, it will bring out a different taste in the ice cream. Yum!

The "petit fours" are made in-store everyday!

MiLKs has home-made sweets, the ones pictured above are a strawberry cookie, a salt lemon cookie, and an apple pie, a sesame pound cake, and a ganache!
The recipes are thought out so that they go perfectly well with the ice cream. The baked goods are delicious on their own, but taste even better with the ice cream!

Let's make our own original ice cream with the toppings!

You choose some of the toppings: cacao nibs, sprinkles or sake lees powder. It makes the already very photogenic ice cream that much cuter!
The cacao nibs go particularly well with the ice cream, as it has an interesting crunchy texture and its bitterness complements the ice cream well! Plus, let's not forget it's a superfood, your body will thank you!


Although the portions are more than generous, you can also get a refill for ¥200! Ice cream addicts will know!
For the perfect combination of delicate soft serve ice cream and flavorful liqueur, let's head to MiLKs!
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