Updated: February 07, 2020
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"Nobel Of Pastry" Recipient Hidemi Sugino Has His Own Cafe In Tokyo

One of the greatest pastry chefs in Japan, and in the world, Hidemi Sugino, has a cafe in Tokyo where you can have the little masterpieces at a relatively affordable price!

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Hidemi Sugino

What's amazing about Japan is that it not only has a diverse cuisine that includes some of the most refined dishes and presentation styles in the world, but the country abounds with chefs that have mastered the cooking style of other cultures, while adding a little bit of their own Japanese magic. Hidemi Sugino is one of them. He has won in 1991 the so-called 'Nobel Prize of pastry', which is actually the gold medal of France's own prestigious 'Coupe du Monde de la pâtisserie'. Adding to his prestige is his 2015 awarded title of Asia's Best Pastry Chef.

The Creations Of The "Mousse Magician"

Hidemi Sugino is the undeniable god of mousse cakes. Many of his creations are so delicate that they can only be eaten in his cafe in Tokyo as they do not hold for very long without proper temperature control. He's known for making bold combinations of tastes that somehow balance perfectly. Also, he uses lots of seasonal ingredients to artfully decorate his little mousse cakes. A chocolate-coffee mousse is pictured above.

Heavenly Cakes At A Shockingly Affordable Price At Hidemi Sugino's Cafe In Tokyo

So you must all be thinking right now, Sugino's cakes must be worth their weight in gold (some do have actual real gold leaves as decorations!). Well, shockingly no!


The Ambroisie, which earned Sugino his 1991 gold medal at the French competition, can be yours for roughly the price of two cups of Starbucks coffee, or ¥760. It has the most beautiful glaze you'll ever see on a cake and underneath you will find the most delectable chocolate and pistachio mousse. This is a must-try if they are still available by the time you get there! Quantities are limited.

La Harmonie

This little one, which is quite arguably the other item that made Sugino the mousse magician that he is, should send your taste buds into another dimension. Covered with a cherry mousse, it has an inner orange mousse that blends perfectly with the outer part. You'll also find some pieces of cherry flavored with Kirsh (cherry brandy) that adds another layer of complexity to the gem. It is decorated with some almond biscuits.
All kinds of other cakes are available at comparable prices. You can also order tea or coffee for about ¥800.

Cafe's Location

Hidemi Sugino's cafe is located a 2-minute walk from the Tokyo Metro Kyobashi Station (Exit 1) and a 9-minute walk the JR Yurakucho Station. Understandably, there is often a long queue in front of the famous cafe so be prepared to wait awhile to get in. The store opens at 11 AM. A good way to get in without having to wait too long is to get there before it opens. No pictures are allowed. You've been warned. Take at your own risk ;)
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