Updated: December 18, 2019
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Where To Have Halal Kobe Beef In Japan - Kobe, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka

If you are wondering where to eat halal Kobe beef in Japan, this is the post for you. There are excellent restaurants serving it in Kobe, Tokyo, and Osaka!

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Halal Kobe Beef!!!

Japan has a growing number of restaurants that cater to its Muslim residents and tourists. So even if you eat halal, you don't have to miss out on some of the country's best cuisine!
Kobe beef is the most famous kind of Wagyu (Japanese beef), known worldwide for its sublime flavor, marbled-texture and tenderness. It comes from cattle raised in the Hyogo Prefecture and is a strictly registered trademark. You can now have it as part of certified halal courses in Kobe, Tokyo, and Osaka.

Tsuki Usagi - Kobe

Finally, a restaurant where you can have Kobe beef in Kobe! Tsuki Usagi is a small restaurant of 19 places located a 3-minute walk from the Sannomiya Station (West Exit). There are course menus to choose from that contain halal beef that range in price from ¥10,000 to about ¥20,000 yen per person. A ¥10,000 course, for instance, would include an organic salad, yuba (tofu skin dish appetizer), smoked cod roe, firefly squid and wasabi greens, a sashimi assortment, tempura and, of course, diced Kobe beef steak.
Please note that halal courses are only available upon reservations made at least two days in advance.

Sushi Time - Kyoto

This may be a sushi restaurant, but one of it's signature items is a luxurious halal kobe beef sushi doughnut topped with uni and caviar! It's a rich and umami-packed dish that shouldn't be missed! Sushi Time has an official halal certification from the MPJA (Muslim Professional Japan Association). This means that everything in the restaurant, down to the vinegar used for the sushi rice, is certified halal. That makes Sushitime one of just a very few places in Japan that offers halal sushi, so don't miss it while you're in Kyoto!

Kusumoto - Tokyo

For refined Japanese halal cuisine in Tokyo, Kusumoto is the place to go. This is more broadly a washoku (traditional Japanese) restaurant which also offers a 6 item course with halal Kobe beef as the pièce de résistance. You can also order a Kobe beef filet of 75g for ¥25,000 and of 150g for ¥40,000. The restaurant is located at about an 8-minute walk from the Roppongi Station. Reserving in advance is highly recommended as this is a small and popular restaurant.


3téCafé is located near Osaka's Shinsaibashi Station. It is a Muslim-friendly cafe that serves course meals that include Kobe beef. Reservation is a must. They also host Muslim-friendly events during which you can sometimes have Kobe beef at a ridiculously cheap price. Follow their facebook page to know when the special events are held.


Kobe Beef, although expensive, is well worth the try at least once! There are excellent locations to have it in Kobe, Tokyo, and Osaka. If you are in Tokyo and are looking for a good general guide on halal food, please refer to the link below.

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