Updated: November 06, 2018
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2 Authentic Japanese Wafu (和風) Dressing Recipes

For a true taste of Japan, try these 2 easy "wafu" Japanese dressings you can make with a few basic Japanese ingredients. The first is a sesame and soy sauce based dressing and the other one is an onion and carrot based dressing.

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"Wafu" Japanese Dressings

Wafu (和風) is made of the characters for harmony (often refers to Japan) and wind (also means style). So in Japanese, wafu generally means Japanese style. When we talk about wafu dressings, it basically means a dressing with a flavour that comes from traditional ingredients such as sesame, soy sauce, and rice vinegar.

These have now become widely available so you shouldn't have any problem making your own Japanese dressing that is so much better than the commercial ones. Believe me, it's not that hard with the right ingredients! Here are two easy Japanese dressing recipes you should try at home.

Soy Sauce And Sesame Japanese Dressing

Japanese dressing ingredients:

-Ground sesame: 1 Tbsp
-Toasted sesame seeds: 1/2 Tbsp
-Sugar: 1 Tbsp
-Soy Sauce: 2 Tbsp
-Mirin: 2 Tbsp
-Rice vinegar: 2 Tbsp
-Olive oil: 2 Tbsp
-Garlic: 1 clove
Grind 1 Tbsp of sesame seeds if you don't have some ground already, then simply add all the ingredients together and you are done!
Your awesome home-made soy sauce and sesame Japanese dressing.

A few pointers to make a perfect Japanese dressing

It's better to have toasted sesame for a more intense flavor. If you happen to have tahini, it can be a good substitute for the ground sesame seeds. If you don't have mirin, then add a little more vinegar and a little more sugar.
Your dressing should taste about the same.

Onion Carrot Wafu Dressing

This one might not be exactly what you expect from a wafu dressing but it is extremely popular in Japan! It uses some soy sauce too and all the ingredients blend really well together. Give it a try!
Japanese dressing ingredients:

-Onion: 1/2 of medium size
-Carrot: 1/2 of medium size
-Salt: 1/2 Tbsp
-Sugar: 4 Tbsp
-Soy sauce: 4 Tbsp
-Rice vinegar: 6 Tbsp
-Olive oil: 2/3 cup
-Black pepper: to taste
Cut the onion and carrot into small pieces. Add everything to a blender or food processor and blend until you reach a smooth consistency. It will give you about 2 cups of dressing.

Freshly made, the onion will give the dressing quite a sharp taste but the sharpness will fade after a few hours.

Give this Japanese dressing a try and impress your friends.


Hope you'll enjoy making these "wafu" Japanese-style dressings! They go well with all kinds of vegetables but you can also try them with some tofu or deli meats. This works particularly well if you're making a Japanese meal, it will help to tie all the ingredients together so well.
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