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Dashi Recipe: The Fundamental Ingredient Of All Japanese Cuisine!

Dashi is a fundamental ingredient you cannot go without when making any Japanese dish. Dashi is basically a soup full of umami flavor. You boil typical ingredients such as kombu seaweed, dried sardines, katsuobushi flakes and other things to make it. Dashi is originally a Japanese ingredient but of course you can use them for any kind of dishes you like.

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What is "Dashi"(ダシ)...?

"Dashi"(出汁) is an ingredient that you can't forget when making any Japanese dish. Dashi is a clear soup which is usually made by boiling kombu seaweed, dried sardines, Katsuobushi, and shitake mushrooms.

Nowadays, dashi is something we can easily buy in grocery stores. They are sometimes sold in powders.

This post will explain the most basic ingredients which you can make dashi out of and also introduce Japanese dishes you can make by using dashi.

Some ingredients you can make Dashi out of

Kombu seaweed(昆布)

Kombu seaweed is a Japanese name for kelp. You boil them in hot water to make dashi.

Niboshi(煮干し), Dried sardines

Dried sardine is also a popular ingredient when making dashi. Make sure you take off the head before boiling!

Katsuobushi(鰹節), Dried tuna blocks/flakes

It would be easier to get katsuobushi in flakes but originally they are shaped in blocks.

Shitake mushrooms(しいたけ)

Shitake mushrooms are also a popular kind of dashi ingredient. When you use dried shitake mushrooms, you don't have to boil them. Instead, soak them in the water.

Dashi Recipe: How to make Dashi

Making dashi is very easy.
All you need to do is to add ingredients to the pot and boil.

One kind of the ingredients mentioned above will be fine but for some deeper flavor dashi, you can mix more than two ingredients.

So many things in which you can use your Dashi!

Nabe: Japanese hot pot

Whenever you make nabe, a Japanese hot pot you will start by making dashi. The better the dashi is, the better your nabe will be.

Nimono: Simmered Japanese dish

Dashi is a thing you can't lack when you are to make some nimono, a Japanese simmered dish.

Dashi Chazuke: Rice balls in dashi soup

Ochazuke, a unique rice dish you eat by adding hot tea to your rice bowl can also be enjoyed by adding some hot dashi soup instead of hot tea.

Also check out some Dashi restaurants!

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