Updated: February 18, 2019
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The Best Desserts In Shibuya, Tokyo!

Pancakes, French toasts, parfaits, cakes, pies, fresh fruits etc... If you have a craving for a good dessert in a stylish decor, Shibuya's got you covered! Here are the best places to have an amazing dessert in one of Tokyo's most popular district.

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Microcosmos (ミクロコスモス)

Microcosmos Cafe is just heaven if you want to eat fluffy pancakes. They have three standards on the menu: maple butter and cream, blueberry and cream, and banana and cream. Each is topped with a generous amount of fresh whipped cream and some mint. What is nice about these pancakes is that they have a relatively hard outside and a really fluffy inside. They have just the perfect balance of a little saltiness and sweetness. You can order those for about ¥900. They have cakes for dessert as well. Microcosmos is located an 8-minute walk from the Shibuya Station.

Ivorish (アイボリッシュ)

If you want French toast and fruit for dessert, this is the place for you. Ivorish has these amazing creations. They use rare cheese cream, ice cream, whipped cream and an abundance of fresh fruits as a topping for their French toast. The portions are generous so you could have one of their French toasts for brunch. The prices vary from about ¥1,000 to ¥2,000. For many menu items, you can have half sizes as well if you want something lighter. This cafe is at about a 10-minute walk from the Shibuya Station. It is on a basement floor.

Shibuya Fruits Parlor

This store is located near the busiest intersection in Japan. It has nearly a 100-year history and you will feel the retro vibe in the presentation of their exquisite fruit desserts. Japanese have, for a long time, been crazy about fancy and expensive fruits. You'll get to taste Japanese fruits of excellent quality if you go there, and the way they are presented as part of their parfaits is almost too beautiful to be eaten! Fruits Parlor is located very near the Shibuya Station (Hachiko Exit). Expect to pay from ¥1,000 to ¥2,000.

Flannel Style Coffee (フランネル スタイル コーヒー)

Flannel Style Coffee is in the Bunka Mura Complex, a place totally worth visiting if you love art! They have this amazing fluffy rolled sponge cake made of high-quality raw ingredients from Japan. There are 4 sizes to chose from. The smallest is ¥580 and the largest is ¥1,480 which is good for 2 or more people. With the roll cake, you have a choice of three topping sauce: maple, chocolate or caramel. They have other good desserts such as pancakes for which you choose your toppings at extra costs.

Pie Face (パイフェイス)

At this cafe, originally from Australia, every pie has a different face. They serve savory and sweet pies. The price for a sweet pie is about ¥250. They have apple, rum raisin, strawberry and cheese, chocolate, and azuki pies among many more choices. They also have nice seasonal pies for Christmas, Halloween, Summer, etc. You can eat in-store or have your order for take-out. They serve decent coffees with cute smiling face latte art, and you can also order sets for under ¥1,000 that come with a savory pie, a coffee, and a salad. This store is at a 4-minute walk from the Shibuya Station.


If you are looking for a good dessert in Shibuya, these addresses will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Give them a try!

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