Updated: February 14, 2019
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Tokamachi Snow Festival: Astounding Snow Festival In Niigata!


Tokamachi snow festival is a snow festival held in Niigata Prefecture from February 4th in 1950. The main idea of this festival is to befriend snow and to enjoy it. This year, 2019, Tokamachi snow festival will be held from February 15th to 17th.

Feb 15, 2019(Fri) - Feb 17, 2019(Sun)
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Tokamachi Snow Festival will be held from February 15th to 17th!

One of the most famous and traditional snow festivals in Japan, Niigata Tokamachi snow festival will be held in February this year too!

Date: February 15th to 17th
Ticket Price: 2,500yen (Sold in advance), 3,000yen (Normal Price)

Tokamchi snow festival had started in 1950, February with the idea to "be a friend with snow and to enjoy them." The main events of Tokamachi sow festivals are snow arts which are made by the citizens of Tokamachi, snow carnival entertainments, and festival park, where you can get in touch with the comfortable atmosphere of people in Tokamachi.

Super beautiful hand-made Ice sculptures!

Just like the famous Sapporo snow festivals, you can also enjoy watching the ice sculptures in Tokamachi festival too. The white cold art is the very thing you cannot miss in Tokamachi snow festival!
All of the ice sculptures are fully handmade by citizens of Tokamachi. The sculptures are located in many places of the Tokamachi city.

The great combination of snow and music!

(Artists impression image)

From 5 p.m on February 16th, Tokamachi snow carnival will be held in Jougaoka Pure Land (Tokamachi Elementry School Grounds)!

The theme of the year will be "Shuri castle" in Okinawa! The illuminated snow sculptures are beyond description!

Don't miss the amazing world of snow in Tokamachi!

If you are looking forward to fully enjoy a Japanese winter, snow festivals are something you can't miss! For more details and to purchase a ticket, click the link below!
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