Updated: December 10, 2019
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The Very Best And Interesting Cafes In Harajuku, Tokyo!


Looking for a cool, stylish or crazy cafe near Harajuku Station? This list is for you. These are the best cafes in that area where you can have fine coffee accompanied by a nice dessert and/or a light meal.

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BREAD, ESPRESSO & (パンとエスプレッソと)

This cafe is in the fashionable Omotesando area. It takes about a 15-minute walk to get there from the JR Harajuku Station. You've probably guessed it because it's in the name, but this cafe has some really great bread. You'll see people queuing to get some take out items even on weekdays. If you want a light lunch, you should definitely try their popular paninis which are all ¥650. If you want just a coffee and some sweets, the thing to have is their French toasts! They come in their frying pan and as a morning set with a drink, they are only ¥800. This is one of the most popular cafes in Harajuku so you might have to wait in line a little to have a seat but it's well worth it.

Shiawase no Pancake (幸せのパンケーキ)

If you've never had Japanese-style fluffy pancakes you should definitely try out this place. Those pancakes are about three times as thick as a standard pancake and you'll definitely be surprised by the wobbliness of these treats! Their standard pancake plate (¥1,100) is served with rich honey and butter. They have a variety of menu items to choose from such as chocolate and banana, kiwi fruits and strawberries, milk tea and caramel and many more! They also have seasonal items. "Shiawase" means happiness. With a good cup of coffee and these fluffy, creamy pancakes you'll definitely feel the shiawase.

BREIZH Café CRÊPERIE (ブレッツカフェ クレープリー)

This cafe and crepe store is the real deal for great galettes, crepes, coffee, and ciders. It comes from the Bretagne region of France, which is the most renowned area for that cuisine. The owner, Bertrand Larcher, prides himself on selecting the best ingredients for his crepe bretonne. You can have either dessert style galettes and crepes or savory ones. The cafe has a nice French vibe. It's a good place to have breakfast or a light afternoon meal. Definitely worth the visit! Located a 5-minute walk from the Omotesando Station.

Urth Caffé

Urth Café has a strong social mission of preserving the environment and offering coffee that comes from farms with good labour conditions. Therefore, many of their coffees and teas are organic and fair trade. Not only are you doing a good social and environmental deed by going there, but you'll also enjoy some of the best coffees and pancakes that Tokyo has to offer. The price for a drink is about ¥500 to ¥800, and they have lots of choices of drinks with beautiful latte art. If you want something on the sweet side, try their matcha pancake (¥1,620), which has the most amazing matcha glaze.


LATTEST is at about a 15-minute walk from the Harajuku Station or a 5-minute walk from the Omotesando Station. The cafe has a really cool minimalist style. This is a place for true coffee lovers. They serve some impressive drinks with latte art. Every barista will add their special touch. You can also have some nice cakes and biscuits to go with your drink. They serve some seasonal drinks such as the yuzu lemon moka coffee or the charcoal latte. Prices are about ¥600 for a drink or piece of cake.

Kawaii Monster Cafe (かわいいモンスターカフェ)

This cafe is in a category of its own. Colorful, crazy, fashion… Harajuku is the place of “Kawaii”, and there is a cafe where you can have a crazy and fun Harajuku experience, called Kawaii Monster Cafe! Just a minute walk from Meiji Jingumae station, this cafe's concept is to present a brand new Tokyo that no one has ever seen before. Also, their seating arrangement is very unique - they have four different zones such as “Mushroom Disco”, “Milk Stand”, “Bar Experiment”, and “Mel-Tea Room”, and the staff members are called Monster Girls.
They have so many different dish options to choose from! They also offer non-alcohol drinks. This place turns into a nightclub at night, so you might want to check that out too.


If you are looking for a nice cafe around Harajuku, these are the places to go! For a dessert on the go on Takeshita street, you should definitely check out this website.

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