Updated: April 17, 2018
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The Best Sites To See Amazing Koinobori (Carp Kites) around Tokyo!

Kodomo No Hi, held on May 5th, is Children's day in Japan. To celebrate the event, carp kites called koinobori are raised all over the country. Here are some good spots to see them in an around the capital!

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Kodomo No Hi And Koinobori (Carp Kites)

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Kodomo No Hi, held on May 5th, is Children's Day in Japan. Traditionally, this is a celebration for young boys. The most distinctive feature of the days leading up to Kodomo No Hi is the carp kites that are displayed by the families with boys. These are called koinobori (鯉のぼり). Two carp kites representing the parents are attached to a string and risen along with one other carp kite for each boy in the family. You'll see those at private residences, but there are also some impressive public displays of koinobori everyone can enjoy for free. Here are some good ones in and around Tokyo!

Tokyo Tower

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One of the definite best spots to see a massive display of koinobori is at the base of the Tokyo Tower. The emblematic tower measures 333 meters so 333 carp kites hoisted. It's also a fun spot to visit because there are many good restaurants around it and lots of things to do in that area. The event is from around April 5th to May 7th. Go in the evening as well because there is a light up of the tower which makes the display even more interesting.

Sumida Koinobori Fair

In Sumida-ku, the Toritsu Higashi Shirahige Park (都立東白鬚公園) is another great spot for seeing the carp kites. The event is a fair during which a flea market is held on certain days. There are some games for children and sometimes live concerts and some food stalls. The activities change by the day, but you can be sure they'll be big crowds. From the park, you'll have an amazing view of the Sky Tree. The sky is decorated with over 400 koinobori. From April 25th to May 20th.

Sagami River In Kanagawa Prefecture

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If you want to enjoy seeing the koinobori in nature, you might want to head to Kanagawa, a neighboring prefecture of Tokyo, for an awesome display. Along the Sagami River (Sagamigawa, 相模川), over 1,000 carp kites will be floating in the sky. This display doesn't last for very long, it's only during Japan's Golden Week which corresponds to the last few days of April until April 5th. Golden Week is a long national holiday so many people use these days to get out of the city and see nature. Get to the site from the JR Banda Station. From there, the site along the river is 3 kilometers away. The site is at Sagamigawa Koudabashi Jouryuu Gahan Hiroba (相模川高田橋上流河畔広場).


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Koinobori events are held throughout Japan for Children's Day. Make sure to keep an eye out for them!
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