Updated: June 19, 2018
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Best Cafes In Akihabara That Are Not Otaku-Culture Oriented


When you just want awesome sweets, good coffee or a light meal in Akihabara, these are the best places to go!

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Cafes In Akihabara

Akihabara has a solid reputation as the Mecca of otaku culture. Many of its fun cafes are reflective of it in their anime, manga or video game themes. Then there are the famous (or infamous?) maid cafes, cat cafes, owl cafes, etc. But, when you just want awesome sweets, good coffee or a light meal in Akihabara, these are the places to go!

The French Toast Factory

The store opened in 2015 and was an instant success. Located just a minute walk from the JR Station, you can fulfill your sugar cravings at the French Toast Factory. It's in their name, so as you can imagine, their French toast is pretty awesome. They are not exactly cheap, starting at ¥1,200 for the Classic French Toast Dish pictured above, but that's because they use excellent primary ingredients such as cream from Hokkaido and seasonal Japanese fruits. The fluffy pancakes are also something to try, and they have savory dishes too such as the Eggs Benedict on French toast which is popular too for brunch.

Cafe Moco

Cafe MOCO is a three-floor cafe with a laid-back atmosphere. On the basement floor, there are comfortable couches so it's the ideal place to relax while sipping on a good cup of coffee or eating some of their strange, yet addictively good signature greasy plates! The top-seller there is the cheese dog drink set at ¥910. You select your drink and get their unique cheese dog. The sausage is about three times the length you get in an average hot dog, and it is topped with melting cheese and roasted chips which give a nice crispy texture. The hot dog is placed on a crispy cheese circle. A real guilty pleasure for cheese lovers!

CAFE Marufukukohiten (丸福珈琲店)

For a great sweets cafe near the Akihabara JR Station this is another nice place. It's on the 4th floor of the Yodobashi building. Their coffees are a bit on the expensive side, starting at ¥590, but the quality makes it worth it. The place has some really good pancakes and the Marufuku Retro Sweets Set (丸福レトロスイーツプレート) at ¥1,100 (pictured above) is sublime, and it also includes a drink with those sweets.

Brioche Dorée

Who doesn't like a French Bakery Cafe? Not only can you get some freshly baked delicious pastries with coffee, but you can also enjoy a taste of Japan with some matcha lattes (hot or cold) made from tea leaves from the Kyoto region. The prices are quite reasonable too. Their famous brioches start at ¥150, their viennoiseries start at ¥190, and if you want something savory, try their croissant sandwiches which are from ¥380.

Chef's Table R&D

If you're a little hungry and want a light meal of French cuisine with cake and coffee, this is the place to go. Prices for lunch sets are very reasonable for the quality and variety you get (¥1,000 to ¥1,700). The lunch sets change by the day but you'll typically be served a salad, a meat or fish dish, homemade bread, a potage and a delicious homemade piece of cake or another dessert with coffee at the end of your meal. Lunchtime is from 11:30 - 14:30.

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