Updated: April 17, 2018
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Must-Go Akihabara Final Fantasy Cafe For Die-Hard Fans!

Eorzea Cafe is themed on the Final Fantasy series! An amazing Final Fantasy-esque interior based on the world of Final Fantasy 14 and themed foods await you. Here is information about the menu, the decorations and atmosphere and the reservation system.

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Final Fantasy-Themed Cafe In Akihabara!

If you're a fan of the Final Fantasy franchise by the Japanese company Square Enix, Eozea is a cafe you just have to go at least once. It came about from a collaboration with the Pasela karaoke-restaurant chain. The impressive decor is themed on the popular video game.
Thum pic03 https://www.pasela.co.jp/paselabo_shop/ff_eorzea/space/
Stepping in, you'll feel as if you've entered the Final Fantasy universe.
Thum pic04 https://www.pasela.co.jp/paselabo_shop/ff_eorzea/images/space/
There is a counter area that is strikingly similar to some scenes you actually see in the games. Notice the medieval-style lamps and the ornamental spear.
Thum pic05 https://www.pasela.co.jp/paselabo_shop/ff_eorzea/images/space/
And of course, you'll get to see some moogles! The place is as much about the decor as it is about the food, which is also inspired by the game series.


Eorzea Cafe has a special time system where you reserve for periods of 120 minutes. There are four time slots to choose from: 11:30~13:30, 14:00~16:00, 16:30~18:30, 19:00~22:00. You can reserve online and at the restaurant's counter. For information about online reservations, see the link below.


These are just some of the menu items you'll find at the cafe. You order from a tablet at your table.

"Ysayle's Stew" (¥880)

%25e3%2582%25a4%25e3%2582%25bc%25e3%2583%25ab%25e3%2581%25ae%25e3%2582%25b7%25e3%2583%2581%25e3%2583%25a5%25e3%2583%25bc https://goo.gl/T7NJXx
Ysayle is a character from Final Fantasy 14, otherwise known as Lady Iceheart. This is a creamy steam with vegetables and sausages served in a wooden bowl in her honor. Seems like the kind of meal the characters would eat around a campfire!

Ysayle's Shiva Pickles (¥530)

%25e3%2582%25a4%25e3%2582%25bc%25e3%2583%25ab%25e3%2581%2595%25e3%2582%2593%25e5%25ae%25b6%25e3%2581%25ae%25e3%2582%25b7%25e3%2583%25b4%25e3%2582%25a1%25e6%25bc%25ac%25e3%2581%2591 https://goo.gl/T7NJXx
Blue Japanese pickles with a little help from Shiva, the ice diety-character that's a staple of the series.

Suicide Bomb Korokke (¥730)

%25e8%2587%25aa%25e7%2588%2586%25e3%2580%2580%25e3%2583%259c%25e3%2583%25a0%25e3%2581%25ae%25e7%2588%2586%25e5%25bc%25be%25e3%2582%25b3%25e3%2583%25ad%25e3%2583%2583%25e3%2582%25b1 https://goo.gl/T7NJXx
This dish is literally lit on fire and burns for a minute in front of you. Korokke (croquette) is made from mashed potatoes and this one has some camembert cheese in it and is a little spicy.

Water God Leviathan's Cold Ocean Noodle Dish (¥1,080)

%25e3%2583%25aa%25e3%2583%25b4%25e3%2582%25a1%25e3%2582%25a4%25e3%2582%25a2%25e3%2582%25b5%25e3%2583%25b3%25e5%2586%25b7%25e3%2582%2584%25e3%2581%2597%25e5%25a4%25a7%25e6%25b5%25b7%25e5%2586%25b7%25e9%25ba%25ba https://goo.gl/T7NJXx
水神リヴァイアサン 冷やし大海冷麺
The cold noodle dish comes with the coolest ever "nori art"!

If You're An Adventurer, You've Got To Eat This Dragon Meat Once (¥2,100)

%25e5%2586%2592%25e9%2599%25ba%25e8%2580%2585%25e3%2581%25aa%25e3%2582%2589%25e4%25b8%2580%25e5%25ba%25a6%25e3%2581%25af%25e9%25a3%259f%25e3%2581%25b9%25e3%2581%25a6%25e3%2581%25bf%25e3%2581%259f%25e3%2581%2584%25e7%25ab%259c%25e3%2581%25ae%25e8%2582%2589 https://goo.gl/T7NJXx
For a hearty, spicy dish, try the dragon meat!

Scholar's Drink Of The Next Generation Of Marines (¥750)

%25e5%25ad%25a6%25e8%2580%2585%25e3%2580%2580%25e6%25ac%25a1%25e4%25bb%25a3%25e3%2581%25ae%25e6%25b5%25b7%25e5%2585%25b5%25e5%259b%25a3 https://goo.gl/T7NJXx
You can have some cool cocktails! Non-alcoholic versions are available as well.


Bnr heavensward https://www.pasela.co.jp/paselabo_shop/ff_eorzea/
If your trip at Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe wasn't enough, then there's also a Square Enix-themed cafe near the Akihabara Station you should also check out!
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