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Japanese Whiskeys, Brands And Unique Ways To Enjoy Them All!

Literally, Japanese whiskeys are whiskeys which are made in Japan. Usually single malts. The smooth taste and its great quality are well known around the world! This post will not only introduce the popular brands of Japanese whiskeys but also some unique ways to enjoy your Japanese whiskeys!

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Japanese Whiskeys

Japanese whiskeys are literally whiskeys made in Japan. Whiskey production started in the 1870s, by the two main companies, Suntory and Nikka. Nowadays, about 90% of all Japanese whiskeys are produced by those companies.

Japanese whiskey started off by imitating the Scotch whiskeys. The strong smoky flavour of Scotch whiskey has been arranged into a smoother taste nowadays.

There are some unique ways to enjoy Japanese whiskeys, such as in highballs, which are dinks in which you add some sodas, and you can also drink them as they say in Japan "mizuwari", which simply means that they have water added.

Popular Brands

Whiskey brands from Suntory and Nikka will be listed below. Look for your favourite!

Suntory Whiskey Kaku(角)

Made by the most famous distillery in Japan, Suntory's original whiskey has been a popular drink for all whiskey lovers in Japan and is even called the father of all Japanese whiskeys.

From the square shape of the bottle, the whiskey is generally called Kaku.

The lightly sweet flavour makes everyone addicted!

Suntory Whiskey Yamazaki(山崎)

Made only in the Yamazaki distillery, Yamazaki whiskey of Suntory represents all single malt Japanese whiskeys. The gentle flowery smell is just so good!

The quantity will be very limited but there are also some aged bottles of 12 years, 18 years, and 25 years.

Suntory Whiskey Chita(知多)

Also made by Suntory whiskey, the grain malt Chita has a very light taste with a smooth texture.

Only made in the Chita distillers in Aichi.

Suntory Whiskey Hakushu(白州)

Hakushu, a single malt whiskey of Suntory whiskey has the most smokey flavour of all Suntory products. The original freshness is definitely worth a try!

Has some aged bottles of 12 years, 18 years, and 25 years.

Suntory Whiskey Hibiki(響)

Hibiki whiskey is said to be the most Japanese-like whiskey of all Suntory products.

17 years, 21 years, and 30 years aged bottles are exclusively available.

Nikka Black Whiskey

Made by the other famous Japanese distillery of Nikka, Black Nikka is a whiskey which is very easy to try. The smooth flavour perfectly fits any drinking style you prefer!

Nikka Whiskey Yoichi(余市)

Made in Yoichi, Hokkaido, the Yoichi whiskey of Nikka is one of the most popular brands of whiskey and has many big fans.

The long-lasting sweetness of oak and the smoky deep smell are the main characteristics.

Popular Ways To Enjoy Whiskeys In Japan

Highballs (Whiskey Soda)

Until a few years ago, whiskey was regarded as an old-fashioned drink only a dandy man will drink. But recently, drinking whiskeys has become popular with the idea of drinking them as highballs.

Highballs are a style of drinking whiskeys with soda. Sometimes you add some slices of lemon to add some freshness.

Since whiskeys are much healthier than beer, highballs became really popular around Japan the past several years.

Go Visit Distilleries!

You can visit Suntory distillers, Yamazaki whiskey and Hakushu whiskey to check out the real whiskeys!
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