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"Sushi Izakaya Number.4": Your Dreams Are Made Of This Japanese Cuisine [PR]

Located just a minute walk from the Jingumae Station, "Sushi Izakaya Number.4" serves a kind of sushi dreams are made of. Their "Kobore Sushi" ("kobore" means overflowing in Japanese) will make your mouth water the second you see it. Sushi aside, they even serve tenderloin wagyu beef! Get the best of Japan at one restaurant!

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Irresistibly creative sushi and tempura at "Sushi Izakaya Number.4"

Sushi Izakaya Number.4 is located on the 4th floor of Q Plaza Harajuku, a minute walk from the Jingumae Station (Fukutoshin Line).

At Number.4, you can enjoy the house's special sushi creation called "Kobore Sushi" ("kobore" means overflowing in Japanese). They put so much topping on the pieces of sushi that it "overflows" on the plate.

And don't forget, Number.4 is an izakaya (Japanese-style tavern), so you can have alcoholic beverages that complement the dishes you order.

Other intriguing, delicious creations in the form of "inari sushi"

From the left: unagi(eel)-egg inari (¥420), Kani(crab)miso inari (¥420), Coriander-prawn inari (¥420), and Sukiyaki inari (¥480).
"Inari sushi" is a type of sushi that consists of deep-fried tofu skin called "aburaage" that is stuffed with sushi rice. At Number.4, they have some options that will surely leave you impressed!

For instance, they gave a Thai twist to a classic Japanese sushi by using cilantro and prawn as a filling. This unusual, bold combination is surprisingly delicious. You may be tempted by the unagi (eel) one as well. Unagi as a topping for inari sushi is quite strange to most Japanese but the taste doesn't disappoint.

Wagyu beef sushi, just so tender!

Kuroge Wagyu sushi (¥380 a piece)
Wagyu on sushi? Yes, please! A combination that you might have thought impossible is offered at Number.4. Japanese wagyu is so succulent, you'll know why so many people rave about it once you've tried it.
This Wagyu sushi is a true Japanese delicacy. The meat is finely sliced and has a nice quantity of fatty meat in it which makes it extra tender. The daikon and green onion toppings balance out the fattiness to give it a fresher, lighter taste. Just perfect!

Kobore Sushi! You'll be amazed

Kobore sushi (¥1,480)
Don't leave the restaurant without an order of this plate. The Kobore Sushi, as explained previously, is their special kind of sushi for which there is so much topping that it is overflowing from the pieces of kappa maki sushi (cucumber sushi). That's a good thing when you know how delicious uni (sea urchin), ikura (salmon roe) shirasu (baby sardines) and fatty tuna are! These are some of the most mouth-watering types of sushi toppings, all in one set!

Give it a try to oden tempura!

Oden daikon tempura with konbu seaweed on top (¥300)
As if sushi and wagyu weren't enough, the restaurant also serves some very original kinds of tempura. In case you don't know, oden daikon is a thick piece of daikon that has simmered in a Japanese-style broth. The inside is soft and filled with a rich savory taste that comes from the soup full of umami. That oden piece is fried tempura-style, so the outside is crispy. It makes for an amazing taste and texture.
Half-boiled egg tempura with pickled raw squid on top (¥300)
This side dish is bound to surprise you! The egg is made "hanjuku"(half boiled)-style so the yolk has a creamy texture which goes so well with the crispy tempura coating. On top of that is the squid which has a vinegary taste. It makes for a surprisingly tasty combination.

Even sparkling wines overflow!

Kobore Sparkling Wine (¥780)
Not only the sushi but sparkling wines are also "kobore"! Served in a champagne glass and a traditional wooden Japanese sake cup, the contrast is quite interesting.
If sparkling wine is not your thing and you want to stick with something more traditional, Number.4 also has a good selection of Japanese sake.


Number.4 is in Harajuku. Next time you go to the eccentric district, remember that there is this awesome restaurant serving a very original kind of Japanese cuisine!
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