Updated: April 17, 2018
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Apa Shacho Curry in Iidabashi, Tokyo: Curry Connoisseur Rave About This Place!

If you want some outstanding, rich Japanese curry, Apa Shacho Curry in Iidabashi is the place to go.

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Apa Shacho Curry (アパ社長カレー)

This deep-flavored Japanese curry comes from Ishikawa Prefecture. It's the exact same great recipe that has made it a household name over there. Apa Shacho Curry is the first branch ever to open in the Tokyo area. If you want some rich Japanese curry, this is a good place to go! The curry has even won the silver medal of the Monde Selection award, so you can be sure this curry is really not your run-of-the-mill type. You'll find the resto in Iidabashi, Tokyo.

Ratatouille Shacho Curry

Ratatouille Shacho Curry (¥780)
There are all kinds of curry toppings available but the ratatouille one is recommended. It's a unique combination you likely won't find anywhere else. The ratatouille topping and the rich curry sauce blend together surprisingly well.
You'll find a good dose of natural sweetness and vitamins in the form of zucchinis, red and yellow bell peppers, and eggplants.
The best way to enjoy it is by scooping some curry with the veggies. This way you get the nice balance of sweetness from the ratatouille and deep savory taste from the curry.
With the dish, you also get a mountain of crispy, finely cut cabbage.

11 counter seats

This is the kind of place you can go alone or in a small group. There are only counter seats.

Extremely Popular!

The restaurant is extremely popular. It opening a branch in Tokyo was big news for curry lovers. On the first day, a queue of nearly 150 people could be seen. It's definitely worth the try.
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