Updated: November 06, 2018
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Springtime Japan: 5 Unique Things To Do In Japan In March

Here's a noteworthy list of interesting things to do in Japan in March. Fire torch festival, amazing traditional doll displays, spring skiing, cherry blossoms, and spring foods. Japan in March has a lot of unique things to offer!

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Attend a spectacular fire torch festival in Nara Prefecture

This is called Omizutori(お水取り) and is a Buddhist event held annually in March, at Todaiji temple in Nara. Its history goes back to the Heian period, more than 1200 years ago. During the event, priests with a torchlight in hand descend repeatedly from the Nigatsudo hall to the holy well at the base of the temple. Drawing water from the well, which literally means Omizutori in Japanese. 6 to 8 meters tall fire torches will be carried up to the Nigatsudo hall and lit on fire. From the ancient times, the fire was regarded as something sacred and onlookers pray for a safe year by looking up at the burning embers.
Event date and time schedules

<Date and start time>
March 1st-11th: 19:00 20min.
March 12th: 19:30 45min.
March 13th: 19:00 20min.
March 14th: 18:30 10min.

See doll displays of the Hinamatsuri

Hinamatsuri is an important festival in Japan that is held on the 3rd of March. It is sometimes referred to in English as "girls' day" or "dolls' day". Leading up to the day, there you can see impressive doll displays. The Kyoto National Museum and the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo are famous spots to see some of the most amazing ones in the country.

Spring Skiing

Although the weather is getting quite mild in Japan in March, many ski resorts stay open well into late spring. If you are an alpine sports enthusiast, considering a ski trip in Japan in March is an excellent idea. You can not only enjoy the world-class slopes but also Japan's onsen (hot springs) culture. For many Japanese, a ski trip and relaxing in hot springs at the end of the day go hand in hand. Check out the article below for some information about some popular resorts.

Doing hanami (cherry blossoms viewing)

This is such an essential part of enjoying Japan in the spring. Make yourself a bento lunch box, bring a picnic sheet and have cherry blossom viewing afternoon in good company! In Japan' it's perfectly acceptable in most parks to drink as well, so make sure to brink a bottle of sake. If you want to know about the good spots in Tokyo to do hanami, please read the article below. In the Kanto region, cherry blossoms usually bloom from mid to late March.

Enjoy seasonal spring foods

In Japan, people are generally quite sensitive about the changing of the seasons and this is reflected in their food culture. In the spring, you'll find some special desserts that highlight the arrival of the season. Why not try some sakura mochi (pictured above). These rice cake traditional desserts are made with real cherry blossoms. There are many other spring desserts that come out in March. Enjoy them while they last.
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