Updated: April 18, 2019
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8 Vegan Restaurants You Should Try in Tokyo

You may find that vegan eating in Japan is not as big as it is in your country, and it could be challenging to find places to eat. Here are the vegan places you can go while you are in Tokyo!

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A few minute walk from Higashiginza station, this place is a vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant. They mainly serve vegetable dishes. Aside from their vegetable menu, their pancakes are also famous, and it is a must-try. You can also enjoy a healthy experience with their course menu for dinner.


One of the sister branches of AIN SOPH. GINZA, this place has more of a cafe atmosphere. Located right next to Nishi Shinjuku Sanchoume station, you can enjoy their vegetable dishes as well as vegan desserts. If you are in Shinjuku and looking for a vegan place to eat, you should check this out.

Crayonhouse (クレヨンハウス)

About a 5 minute walk from Omotesando station, this place is also a vegetarian and vegan friendly organic restaurant. They have picture books and building blocks, which makes it very popular among mothers with small children. They offer buffet style lunch too, so if you are looking for a place to eat something healthy, you should stop by!

Nezunoya (根津の谷)

Just a minute walk from Nezu station, you can have an amazing vegan Japanese cuisine experience at Nezunoya. Right next to the restaurant they have a shop where they sell organic food and products.
The exterior of Nezunoya organic store

Saishokukenbi (菜食健美)

A healthy food cafe located 3 minute away by walk from Okubo station, this place offers variety of dishes such as pasta, curry and more, at a reasonable price. If you would like to have a dinner at this place, and if you are going as a group of 10+ people, you can make a reservation if you contact them 3 days in advance.

Soranoiro Honten(ソラノイロ 本店)

A 4 minute walk from Hanzoumon Station, this place serves vegan veggie ramen! You order by purchasing a ticket from a vending machine, so you don't have to worry about communicating in Japanese. This place is also on Michelin Guide. If you are curious what vegan veggie ramen tastes like, don't miss this place!


Another vegan ramen place in Tokyo! This place is inside Keiyo Street, at Tokyo station, so very easy to access. They mainly serve noodles and ramen, but they also have various veggie side dishes. If you are at Tokyo station and you are looking for somewhere to eat, don't forget to stop by!
Veggie gyoza

Loving Hut

This place is a vegan Taiwanese restaurant, and they serve vegan dim sum! They also have veggie sushi too. Most of their menu are gluten-free and oriental vegan. Drinks are also organic.

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