Updated: November 06, 2018
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Things To Do In April In Japan. How To Enjoy The Spring Season!

From geisha dances to carp kites to celebrating Earth Day in Yoyogi Park, there are many things to do in Japan in April! Read this article for a couple of great ideas.

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See the beautiful floats of the Takayama Matsuri

There are many omikoshi (float) festival in Japan but the one in Takayama is something quite special. The gorgeous mikoshi floats are classified as an Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan. On them, karakuri doll shows are performed by professional puppeteers! The dolls move as if they are alive. Puppet shows last about 50 minutes. The Spring Festival is held annually on April 14th and 15th.

Attend a geisha dance performance in Kyoto

Miyako odori (都をどり) is a traditional dance event annually held in Kyoto. Geishas and maikos are the dancers and performers. You can enjoy the beautiful "mai" (舞) performed by them. Miyako odori is constructed in 8 scenes, each of them describing an aspect of Japanese life in Kyoto and the life of Geishas or maikos. Miyako odori will be held at the Kyoto Art Theater Sunjuza from April 1st to 24th.

See the carp kites (koinobori) of "Kodomo No Hi"

The carp kites are hoisted to celebrate in Japan Children's Day (Kodomo No Hi), which is on May 5th, but the displays are there from April. Carp kites are called koinobori. There are many good spots to see them around Japan. If you are in Tokyo, try going to the Tokyo Tower from April 5th. he emblematic tower measures 333 meters so 333 carp kites hoisted. It's also a fun spot to visit because there are many good restaurants around it and lots of things to do in that area.

Celebrate Earth Day in Yoyogi Park

Tokyo has its own celebration for Earth Day and the place to be is in Yoyogi Park in Shibuya. The event is popular among the youth of Japan. In Yoyogi Park's festival, this translates into many NPOs joining together and providing information about their cause. Earth Day has a festive vibe and you'll find a plethora of food stalls and shops selling environmentally friendly goods. There is also a free concert, so enjoy the music and the awesome atmosphere of Earth Day in Tokyo!

Attend the Inuyama Matsuri in Aichi to see 3 story floats

Founded in 1635, Inuyama Matsuri is a festival held annually on the first weekend of April. The main event of Inuyama festival are the floats which have 3 stories. You can enjoy it during the day and in the evening as well. When it gets dark, the lantern ornated floats are particularly beautiful.

Go to the Kanamara ("steal penis") Festival

Does this sound like a strange festival to you? You might be surprised to know that it's a Shinto religious tradition many conservative Japanese folks take seriously. Kanamara (金まら) literally means steal phallus. It symbolizes protection from STDs, but also more broadly fertility and sexual harmony in a couple. The festival consists of a procession of portable shrines with some giant penises on them. Over the years, the matsuri has become very festive and inclusive. People of all ages and sexual orientations participate and tourists are also very welcomed. It has become a huge event attracting about 50,000 people every year.
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