Updated: April 17, 2018
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5 Things You Want To Know About Dashi

Dashi is a fundamental ingredient you cannot go without when making any Japanese dishes. Dashi is basically a soup full of umami flavor. You boil typical ingredients such as kombu seaweed, dried sardines, katsuobushi flakes and other things to make it. Here's everything you want to know about dashi.

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1: What is Dashi (だし)...?

"Dashi"(出汁) is an ingredient that you can't forget when making any Japanese dish. Dashi is a clear soup which is usually made by boiling kombu seaweed, dried sardines, Katsuobushi, and shiitake mushrooms. Dashi can be made by only one ingredient above but tastes even better and more complex when combining more than two ingredients (Awase-dashi). Find your own favorite!

Nowadays, dashi is something we can easily buy at grocery stores. They are sometimes sold in powder forms. (Hondashi powder)

2: How long can you keep your dashi stock?

It depends on what you use as an ingredient but generally, dashi will last for a week refrigerated, a whole month when frozen. Be careful not to keep it outside at room-temperature.

If you are too busy to even boil water, you can make dashi just by seeping the ingredients into the water for a whole night. (Don't forget to take the ingredients out after a day.)

3: How can I make my dashi?

Everything you want to know is inside our video! Go check it out!

4: Is dashi good for your health?

The health benefits of dashi broth depend on what your dashi is made from. In the case of katsuobushi (dried tuna blocks/flakes), your dashi can be super healthy! Katsuobushi is rich in amino acids which are fundamental to keep your body healthy. Katsuobushi even has anti-aging effect and helps you lose weight.

5: What can I use my dashi with?

Almost everything! Here are the popular recipes!
Quite sure I'm a Ramen freak. Almost up to 200ramens in 2017. Not only ramens but also love to eat around and drink around.

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