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Yakinikudon Tadon In Ikebukuro, Tokyo: Awesome Place To Enjoy Some Hearty, Succulent Meat Bowls [PR]

Yakinikudon Tadon is located just a 3-minute walk from the East Exit of the Ikebukuro Station. If you're craving meat, this is the place to go because they serve yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) topped rice bowls that way up to 800g and include four different types of meat!

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Yakinikudon Tadon In Ikebukuro Serves Meaty Bowls That'll Satisfy Your Hunger

Meat lovers, remember this storefront because you'll have to go there next time you're in Ikebukuro. Yakinikudon Tadon is located at a 3-minute walk from the East Exit of the JR Ikebukuro Station.

Introducing The 800g BIG don

Big don (¥1,300)
Imagine a donburi (bowl of rice with various toppings) that is covered with two types of beef cuts, pork and chicken. That's what you'll be served if you order the BIG don! It ways a whopping 800g, and is just ¥1,300. It even has a soft-boiled egg as a topping. This is pretty guaranteed to fill you up and keep you satiated for a while!

Try The Signature Dish Karubi don

Karubi don (¥750)
If the volume of the BIG don scares you, well, rest assured because Yakinikudon Tadon has some more standard-sized donburi as well. Their signature dish is the Karubi don at ¥750. Karubi is a type of boneless beef short rib that is so tender and addictive with its sweet and slightly spicy tare sauce. What's more this karubi is made from wagyu (Japanese black cattle)!

Kashiwa don: Enjoy Your Bowl In Two Different Ways

Kashiwa don (¥700)
With this order, you'll get this chicken meat-topped donburi that comes with a chicken broth. First, try the bowl as is.
About halfway through your meal, try it with the chicken broth! This is what Japanese call "ochazuke". It's a traditional, warm and comforting dish. The Kashiwa don is light, yet has a deep umami flavor that you'll love.

Pork Loin don

Pork loin don (buta rohsu don) (¥700)
For just ¥700, you can have this bowl topped with juicy and tender pork and crisp bean sprouts. The slightly sweet tare sauce goes wonderfully well with the meat.

Bibimpap: The Most Popular Choice With The Ladies

Bibimbap (¥650)
Want something on the lighter side? How about this bibimbap which is the dish that is the most popular with women. It's topped with 4 types of Korean-style seasoned vegetables and some minced meat, and has a deep savory taste that comes from a secret miso-based sauce.

Free Kimchi As A Side Dish!

To complement your meal, you can have some kimchi that is served in this vase-shaped bowl at absolutely no extra charge. Kimchi goes so well with virtually any kind of meat so make sure to ask for some!


If you've worked up an appetite and are in the Ikebukuro area, Yakinikudon Tadon is definitely a place where you should consider going. Believe me, you won't be disappointed!
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