Updated: April 19, 2019
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5 Best Places For Heavenly Good Ice Cream In Osaka!

Osaka City

Osaka has amazingly good ice cream. You'll be struck by the originality and quality of the ice cream you can find in the Kansai metropolis. This guide introduces the 5 best ice cream shops in Osaka.

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Circo D'oro

Circo Doro is an award-winning gelato-type ice cream shop that makes its own original products. All the products are homemade with high-quality raw ingredients, many are bought from local producers. You can get matcha, yuzu lemon or sesame oil flavored gelatos for a traditional Japanese taste. They also have more standard Italian types as well. The prices are about ¥300-400 per 100ml of gelato. They serve an award-winning creation called the Adoriakai Kuro Shinju that combines cream cheese, black olive syrup, orange zest, western liquor, and pistachio. That's a must-try! Located near the Tanimachi Rokuchome Station.

Ze Roku Coffee

Ze Roku has a history of over 100 years! It's one of Osaka's oldest and loved ice cream shop. The thing you should have there is their ice monaka, which is ice cream served in a wafer cup (monaka filled with sweet adzuki beans is a traditional type of dessert in Japan). You can choose matcha green tea, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and Hokkaido adzuki beans as flavors. They are only ¥130 a piece! Get them in a coffee and monaka set for just ¥350. You'll love this place not only for the ice cream, but also for the quaintness of its atmosphere. Located near the Sakaisujihonmachi Station.


Raffinato's gelatos are refined products that are truly delectable. They are made at the Ristorante by a gelato machine imported from Italy, and because Raffinato uses seasonal fruits and top quality ingredients, you can truly taste the difference between their products and other common gelatos. They have about 20 flavors to choose from. Their Kobe Strawberry and their Italian Milk Tea flavors are highly praised. For the quality, their gelatos are very reasonably priced (¥450 for 130g and two flavors). Located a 2-minute walk from the Osaka Station.


This place has earned its place as one of the best ice cream shops in Osaka for its dedication in making tasty ice cream that uses only natural ingredients. They do not use any additives and food coloring, and a lot of their ingredients are organically produced locally. That have many seasonal flavors, and their menu has is rich in variety. The sorbets are highly recommended. They're made from fruits by the company's own farm. About ¥600 a serving near the Osaka Station.

Far East Bazaar

Far East Bazaar has some of the most beautiful and original ice cream creations you'll find in Osaka. Their ice cream is the gelato type. Try some awesome combinations such as the mango and fig artfully topped with nuts. They make seasonal specials that are particularly tempting. The picture below was their Valentine's special which was a huge hit. The dried fruit toppings really make their treats outstanding. Located inside the EKI MARCHE, near Osaka's Station's Sakurabashi Exit.


These are definitely must-go places if you're looking for exceptional ice cream in Osaka. Hope you found this guide useful!

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