Updated: May 01, 2018
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Best Cheap, Mid-Range, And High-End Sushi Restaurants In Ueno!

This article presents the best sushi restaurants in Ueno classified by budget size. It includes the best cheap (below ¥3,000), mid-range (around ¥5,000), and high-end (around ¥10,000) restaurants of Ueno.

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Great Sushi For All Budgets Near The Ueno Station

You can find excellent sushi for any budget in Ueno. We've included 2 restaurants that we define as cheap (below ¥3,000), mid-range (around ¥5,000) and high-end (around ¥10,000) in this list of the best sushi restaurants in Ueno. These restaurants are all located within a 10-minute walking distance of the JR Ueno Station.

1-2: Cheap (below ¥3,000)
3-4: Mid-range (around ¥5,000)
5-6: High-end (around ¥10,000)

1. Sushi Zanmai (すしざんまい)

Sushi Zanmai is a popular sushi restaurant chain in Japan. The restaurant is big and menus are available in English so it is one of the lesser intimidating places to walk into if you don't speak or read Japanese and are not a sushi connoisseur. For the price the quality is excellent. They have daily recommendations depending on what is in-season and available at the fish market. Expect to pay from ¥1,000-¥3,000 for lunch or dinner.

2. Kaiten Sushi Miura Misakiko (廻転寿司三浦三崎港)

This is a kaiten sushi restaurant (conveyor belt sushi or sushi train). It's one of the best in its genre because the quality is good despite the cheap price, and they have their own signature style of sushi that differentiates them from other places. Try their unique "gunkan" (軍艦) sushi that has about three times the usual amount of toppings. Plates are between ¥100 - ¥660. The specialty here is tuna. Miura Misakiko is conveniently located at a 1-minute walk from the Ueno Station.

3. Okina Sushi (翁鮨)

Okina is a reputable sushi bar that has been around since 1973. You can have kaiseki (traditional Japanese feast which includes sushi) as well as sushi sets and omakase courses ("leave it to the chef" courses). The restaurant is also a good place to have Japanese sake and shochu. Expect to pay around ¥3,000 for lunch or ¥8,000 for dinner. This is definitely one of the best places for mid-ranged priced sushi.

4. Hide Sushi (英鮨)

Hide Sushi has a couple of branches in Tokyo. It's a great mid-range sushi restaurant where you get authentic and excellent sushi made right before your eyes if you sit at the counter, without it being too hard on your wallet. Expect to pay ¥4,000 to ¥5,000 for a nice evening meal.

5. Kampachi (寛八)

Kampachi is a high-end sushi bar where you should expect to pay over ¥10,000 for an evening meal and around ¥5,000 for lunch. It has a beautiful warm interior and is equipped with both tables and counter seats. Many high-end sushi places do not have tables because people tend to enjoy watching the sushi master prepare the sushi right before them. This restaurant has a history of over 50 years, so needless to say it has an established reputation that is based on reliably outstanding sushi. They are said to be particular about Japanese sake as well as the fish they use, so be sure to ask for a good sake pairing with your sushi.
S 000l https://r.gnavi.co.jp/g128500/

6. Sushi Isshin (鮨 一心)

Sushi Isshin is the perfect place to enjoy exquisite sushi in the evening (opened from 17:00 - 2AM). It is quite spacious with its 33 seats, about half of which are at the counter. The sashimi is great, but you can also have some grilled items such as the anago (sea eel) yaki, which is another Japanese delicacy you should try if you haven't already. This is a reputable, popular establishment so expect to pay over ¥10,000.
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