Updated: November 06, 2018
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What's The Secret To Japanese People's Longevity And The Women's Youthful Appearance?

Japanese people have a long life expectancy and their eating habits have often been pinpointed as one of the main reasons... So what's to it!

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Japanese people's incredible life expectancy

Japan is renown for its longevity, where the average age is 83.7! In fact, Okinawa has the highest rate of people living up to 100 and even older! Is there a reason to explain such a long life expectancy? Japanese people have a very healthy diet, which mostly consists of different forms of soy (fermented, beans, paste, etc.), fish, seaweed, rice and green tea.
Fermented foods such as natto, are high in probiotics and helps in having a good digestion.
Mozuku, a seaweed principally found in Okinawa, is what scientists believe may be one of the reasons Japanese live so long. (Follow the link below for more information on mozuku).
Green tea with its very high antioxidant content has cancer-fighting properties.

The Okinawa diet

According to an article in the Mechanisms of Ageing and Development published in 2014, the Okinawan diet can have as much of an impact on age-related illness as medication. The Okinawan diet mainly revolves around root vegetables, some type of soybean derivative, and medicinal plants. There are some similarities with the Mediterranean diet in the sense there is a high consumption of unrefined carbs, and a moderate consumption of protein, and a healthy fat intake. The latter is linked to reduced inflammation, optimized cholesterol, etc.

Basically, they have a diet rich in phytonutrients (fruits, vegetables) and antioxidants which leads to healthy aging and longer lives.

Green Tea

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 2005, points out the many health benefits of drinking green tea. Green tea is said to reduce the risk of heart disease, and some forms of cancer, it promotes oral health and even has an impact on weight control, it is antibacterial, it protects from UV rays, etc. It is highly encouraged to drink it every day to really reap all the benefits.

Japanese women's youthful appearance...what's their secret?

It has a lot to do with their diet high in antioxidants which visibly slows down the aging process. Antioxidant-rich foods include green tea, fruits, and vegetables, seaweeds, etc. Japanese women also eat a lot of fermented foods which is known to promote good bacterial health and is high in vitamin K. Natto is known to promote beautiful and healthy skin, and also blood purification.

Bottom line?

If you want a long and healthy life, be sure to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables! Start eating fermented foods such as natto and miso, and incorporate seaweed into your diet. Also, consider reducing your meat intake. And replace the soft drinks with green tea!
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