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Ninja Restaurant in Kyoto For A Fun Family Dinner!

Kyoto City

For a fun day out with friends or family, you should check out the Ninja Restaurant in Kyoto! Ninja Kyoto is an agglomeration of Ninja-themed restaurants under one roof! You can choose between a Ninja restaurant, a banquet, a buffet with cute characters, a dinner theater or a black crepe to go shop!

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Ninja Kyoto

Ninja Kyoto is an agglomeration of Ninja-themed restaurants under one roof! You can choose between a Ninja restaurant, a banquet, a buffet with cute characters, a dinner theater or a black crepe to go shop! More on each of these below!
If you're looking for a typically Japanese adventure, this is the place! Walking past a secret entrance, you will walk right into a ninja village!
You will get to try delicious ninja-style food all the while enjoying friendly service!

What's even better is that they are very accommodating, as there have vegetarian and Halal options! (on request)

Ninja Restaurant Kyoto

You can eat in a semi-private room and enjoy the delicious cuisine with your family. If you're lucky, you'll even be able to enjoy table magic performed by a ninja! The staff is super welcoming, you're bound to have an awesome time!

There are usually open from 17:00-23:00, but if you make a reservation for a group of 10 poeple or more, you can also ask for a lunch course.


The suggested course is only JPY 3,000, and you get to try a variety of fun dishes!

The suggested course is a 7-course meal, including sashimi, grilled chicken or marinated salmon, dessert, etc. (¥3,000).
There is also a sukiyaki or shabu shabu course (¥6,500). This typically Japanese dish should be fun to try in such an unusual setting.
The vegetarian course is ¥4,500 and comes with vegetables tempura, soy meat and vegetable stew, vegetable sushi, etc.
The dishes are exciting as well as delicious! Your family and friends should love it!


This venue is really nice for a large group or for a party!
You can have up to 100 guests and you can borrow microphones and projectors if you rent out the whole space.


You can have all-you-can-eat shabu shabu or sukiyaki for 90 min and ¥1,980. That is actually quite a steal! And for ¥480 more, you can have the soft drink all-you-can-drink option, and for ¥980 for alcohol!
Children only pay ¥980, and kids & babies eat free (0-6).

Buffet restaurant with cute ninjas

This fun buffet is great for kids! Here, you will see Sanrio's most popular characters transformed into ninjas! There are characters such as the very famous Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, etc. Can you picture the cuteness!


For a 90 minute buffet the prices are:
-Adults: 1,980 yen
-Children & young teens: (7-15 yo): 1,480 yen
-Children (4-6): 500 yen
-Children under 4: free!
There are so many cute dishes to choose from!

The dinner theater

This dinner theater venue offers musical live shows on weekdays, and actors playing ninja shows on weekend and holidays!
You have to buy the tickets separately and the dishes are a la carte.
This interactive show teaches you ninja techniques, dancing, etc. (Duration 30 minutes).

The tickets cost for:
-adults: 2,000 yen
-children (7-12): 1,000 yen
-children under 7: free!

There are two representations per day on weekends and holidays:
one starting at 5PM, and one starting at 7 PM. Enjoy!
Ran-Kyoto perform classic and modern Japanese music. This is a great opportunity to learn about Japanese culture! (Duration: 70 min.)

Ticket Price:
-advance tickets: 4,000 yen
-general tickets: 4,500 yen
-children (under 7 yo); free!

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (apart form Japanese national holidays):
a show starts at 6 PM, and one at 8 PM.


The black crepe to go

Last but not least, the take-out crepe shop! Yum!


You can choose between 7 adorable Sanrio Characters, and all the crepes are 580 yen!
For example, the Pompompurin crepe is made with custard, custard ice cream, cocoa cookies and caramel sauce.


For a uniquely Japanese experience, you should try this restaurant. It is a fun place to bring friends or family!

There is also a famous ninja restaurant in Tokyo as well. For information on that one, please see the link below.
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I love travelling and discovering new cuisines. Japan has a panoply of local dishes to try. I also love yoga, coffee, reading, and cycling.

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