Updated: March 18, 2019
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10 Halal Certified and Muslim-Friendly Restaurants in Kyoto!

Kyoto City

If you're looking for Halal certified restaurants or Muslim-friendly restaurants, let it be Japanese cuisine or international cuisine, check out the extensive list of delicious restaurants below! Have fun exploring Kyoto!

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10 Halal Certified and Muslim-Friendly Restaurants in Kyoto!

This article is divided into 4 sections:

1. Halal-certified Japanese cuisine
2. Muslim-friendly Japanese cuisine
3. Halal-certified non-Japanese cuisine
4. Muslim-friendly non-Japanese cuisine

1.Halal-certified Japanese cuisine

Halal Ramen Gion Naritaya

Halal Ramen Naritaya Gion is a ramen restaurant in Gion which received a Halal certification in Malaysia so you can enjoy all the dishes on the menu without having to worry about your dietary restrictions. They are famous for their maze soba and their "karaage" (fried chicken). What's more is that it isn't more expensive than your usual ramen joint!

Halal Yakiniku Naritaya

Naritaya manages a few Halal restaurants across Japan: the ramen shop mentioned above, as well as a ramen shop in Osaka and in Tokyo. Kyoto can be quite pricey when it comes to restaurants, however, you don't need to have a Halal diet to try these reasonably-priced and delicious yakiniku plates. Lunch is about 1,500 yen, and dinner sets start at 2,500 yen! They also happened to receive a certification of excellence from Trip Advisor!

Ayam ya

Ayam ya is a Halal-certified restaurant as well, they also have a prayer room within the restaurant. They specialize in "tsukemen", which are noodles you dip in a broth. You don't have to worry about what you order here since everything is made with Halal ingredients. If you like spicy food, you should try the spicy ramen!

2. Muslim-friendly Japanese cuisine


This restaurant is a Muslim-friendly restaurant, meaning that they have a Halal certified menu geared towards Muslim travelers. They do not serve pork anymore, but they do still serve alcohol. This restaurant has been in business for 44 years and is as popular with locals as it is with travelers, that tends to be a very good sign. They serve mouth-watering wagyu courses starting at 5,000 yen, you can also order a la carte.

Kiyozumi Junsei Okabeya

This tofu-specialized restaurant is an old traditional house located near the Kiyomizu-dera temple. They have a Muslim-Friendly certification and mainly serve vegetables and tofu. You can try three different types of tofu in their course meals: tofu, yuba (soft tofu skin), and otemae (tofu you prepare yourself!). They each come with many small dishes which are very delicate and representative of Japan's refined cuisine.
The course meals are around 2,000 or 3,000 yen.


Minokuchi is an incredibly long-standing restaurant, in fact, it was founded in 1716. They have a Halal menu, but it is required to make a reservation before-hand. They serve luxurious "kaiseki" meals, which are delicate and intricate dishes served one at a time. The lunch set is 2,700 yen, and the dinner course is 7,560 yen ou 9,257 yen.

3. Halal-certified non-Japanese cuisine

Arash's Kitchen

Arash's Kitchen is rated as the best Persian/Indian restaurant in Kyoto! They are a Halal restaurant, which also serves a lot of vegetarian dishes, such as stews and Indian curry. It's delicious and the service is outstanding. Lunch is about ¥1,000, they serve many kinds of kebab among other things. For dinner, you can choose between Indian and Persian dishes.

Istanbul Saray

This Turkish restaurant serves delicious Halal dishes, so you can rest assured everything you order is fine. However, they do serve alcohol. The courses start at 2,850 yen and come with soup, appetizers, bread, stew, dessert, and tea. You can also order many dishes a la carte if you would like to share.

Indian Restaurant Raju

This Indian restaurant is located in Southen Kyoto but is a little hard to find. Many people confuse "Raju bar" with "Indian Restaurant Raju", although they are located close to one and other, please be sure not to go to the wrong location. The curry is about 1,000 yen and is spectacular!

4. Muslim-friendly non-Japanese cuisine

Le Temps

Le Temps is a French buffet in the Gran Via Hotel in Kyoto. They are Muslim-friendly and serve a la carte Halal dishes or a Halal Bento box. The breakfast buffet serves Halal dishes that are easily distinguishable with the "MHC" label. The bento box is 3,600, and the a la carte dishes start at 2,600 yen. You can have, for example, grilled Halal chicken or a Halal beef hamburger.


Vegetarian restaurants are also a safe bet when it comes to Halal diets. Please check out the link below for more information on the best vegetarian restos in Kyoto!

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