Updated: November 19, 2019
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The 10 Best Breakfast Places in Kyoto! Western & Japanese style

Kyoto City

Here are the best breakfast places to try in Kyoto! There are tons of delicious places to try, Western and Japanese breakfast alike, and hotel buffets if you would like to take your time.

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Breakfast in Kyoto

This article is divided into 3 sections:
1. Japanese breakfast
2. Western breakfast
3. Hotel (buffet) breakfast

Bonus info before we start! - consider a Nishiki Market breakfast walking food tour!

Learn Kyoto's food culture by enjoying the authentic cuisine from a local English-speaking guide! This is a really great experience because the Nishiki Market is known throughout Japan as the "Kitchen of Kyoto". It has a long history of being a food hub so you'll discover so many local specialties there. Best of all, you get to enjoy the company of a local foodie who'll tell you all about the culture of the place and take you through some interesting backstreets.

For more information, see the link below.

1. Japanese breakfast

Miyakoyasai Kamo 都野菜 賀茂

If you want a bang for your buck AND a healthy meal, this is definitely the place to go. The restaurant serves fresh vegetables grown in local farms in a wonderful all-you-can-eat buffet style setting. What is more, the breakfast buffet is only ¥500!! What a great way to start the day on the right foot with the healthiest meal!

Hyotei 飄亭

Hyotei is a three Michelin-starred restaurant which serves 'kaiseki' cuisine. Kaiseki is a traditional Japanese style of dining which consists of small and delicate dishes slowly served one after the other. It's probably the best way to start the day in beautiful and traditional Kyoto. Breakfast is served in a traditional Japanese home with a view on the garden. The breakfast consists of rice porridge, their signature boiled eggs, etc. Starts at around ¥4,500.


Roji Usagi offers traditional Japanese breakfast, such as grilled salmon, tamagoyaki (rolled egg), miso soup, rice and pickled vegetables. It is undoubtedly the best way to start the day in Kyoto. You'll have a hearty, yet healthy breakfast, with a view on their beautiful garden. Breakfasts are between 1,200-1,500 yen.

Inoda Coffee

This coffee shop falls into an ambiguous category since it is a very typical Japanese old style coffee shop. The food it serves isn't typically Japanese per se, but they are in a quaint Japanese building and have a uniquely Japanese feel.
This long-established coffee shop is located at a 10-minute walking distance from Karasumaoike station. It is popular among all ages, and people love their coffee! This is their main store, and they have several branches across Japan. If you want to have Inoda's specialty coffee, you should try the "Arabian Pearl", which is a coffee with milk. The Kyoto breakfast set is ¥1,230, it comes with coffee, orange juice, a croissant, ham, eggs, a salad, etc. A good bang for your buck and a great way to start the day.

2. Western breakfast

Kawa Cafe カワカフェ

Looking for a relaxing cafe right next to a river? Kawa means river in Japanese, and as the name of this cafe suggests, it is located right next to Kyoto's famous river called Kamogawa. You will get a great view - no wonder it's so popular right? It is open from 10:00 am, which makes it a good spot for brunches, and it closes at 11:30 pm. This cafe turns into a bar at night, so it is perfect for a classy dinner too! Located an 8-minute walk from Kawaramachi station.

Cafe Rhinebeck カフェラインベック

This gorgeous cafe is a collaboration between the owner Akiko Hirano, and Hudson Valley culinary arts teacher Cheryl Jean. The cafe is a 200-year-old Kyoto house that was converted into a beautiful cafe. For a perfect Japanese experience, you should stop by this cafe for delicious pancakes in an impressive environment.

Shiawase no Pancake (幸せのパンケーキ)

"Shiawase (幸せ/happy) no Pancake" is a place that will surely make you happy. The thing to have is their super fluffy souffle pancakes served with honey and butter. These jiggly pancakes are so popular in Japan! You have to try them at least once.

3. Hotel Buffet Breakfast

Hotel Granvia Kyoto: Le Temps

In my humble opinion, there's nothing more exciting than a breakfast buffet when you are on vacation! There's so much delicious food to try before you head on your fun-filled adventure in a new city! The breakfast buffet here is ¥2,520, and ¥1,260 for children between 3 and 12 years old. They have everything from danishes, croissants, salads, etc. You can choose between Japanese breakfast items or Western breakfast items. Or why not have both?

Kyoto Century Hotel: La Jyho

Breakfast at the Century Hotel Kyoto is ¥2,970 and you can get a variety of delicious dishes, such as croissants and cold cuts in the Western section, and "okayu" in the Japanese section, and even a fusion of the two with dishes such as "omurice". Delicious dishes in a elegant setting.


Touzan is located in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the heart of Kyoto. They offer traditional Japanese breakfast with a view of the Japanese garden. You can have grilled fish, miso soup, rice, etc.
Their afternoon tea sets are also phenomenal!

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