Updated: November 06, 2018
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Japan's Best Apple Cider Vinegar (リンゴ酢)

Here's a selection of some of the best apple cider vinegars, or "ringo su", found in Japan. These can be found at supermarkets and specialty stores but we've also included links to online retailers.

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Japanese Apple Cider Vinegar

Japan has some very fine apples, and for that reason, you'll find in Japan some excellent quality apple cider vinegar. In Japan, the name for it is "ringo su" (リンゴ酢), which simply translates to apple vinegar. Virtually every supermarket is bound to have some. Perhaps one thing you have to be careful when you buy ringo su is to know the level of acidity. If you are used to Western apple cider vinegar, you might notice that the Japanese ringo su is slightly weak in comparison. That's because the content of acetic acid of Western apple cider vinegar is close to 5% or more, whereas Japanese ringo su tends to be weaker. So if you want something similar to a Western apple cider vinegar, make sure to buy a ringo su that is at least around 5% in acidic content.
The Japanese word for "level of acidity" is "sando" (酸度). You should be able to spot it on the labels. This one has a 5% level of acidity.
If you have a fine palate, you might notice in the ringo su has some interesting characteristics. Here is a list of Japanese apple vinegar you might want to try in Japan.

Uchibori Jozo Fruit Vinegar Ringo Su (内堀醸造 フルーツビネガー純りんご酢)

This ringo su has an acidic content of 4.5%. It is made from only one ingredient: organic apples from the Chubu region of Japan. You'll be surprised by the natural sweetness of this apple cider vinegar. At ¥1,620 for 1 liter, it is on the expensive side but for the quality, it is definitely worth it. This item is a best seller on Amazon Japan. If you want to buy it online, here is the link.

Uchibori Zojo Mino Yuki Jun Ringo Su (内堀醸造 美濃 有機純りんご酢)

This is another product by the Uchibori Zojo company that is really worth trying. It is also made of organic apples. You'll notice the fruity scent and sweet taste of pure apples, but it has a sharper acidic taste compared to the previous one introduced (the acidity is also 4,5% however). This one is ¥529 for a bottle of 360ml.

Sakamoto No Korozu Tenju Ringo Kurozu (坂元のくろず 天寿りんご黒酢)

This one is quite interesting because it is technically not an apple cider vinegar but rather a type of traditional vinegar called "kurozu" in which apple juice was added to make it taste similar to ringo su. It's worth the try because kurozu is extremely healthy for your gut health. It's made from a rice fermentation process that takes a whole year. You can mix it with a ration of 5:1 and drink it as is to promote the growth of good intestinal bacteria. The price is ¥2,850 for 700ml.

Mizkan Ringo Su (ミツカンリンゴ酢)

Mizkan is a large Japanese company well-known for its vinegar, sauces, and salad dressings among other things. It produces its own ringo su that is very cheap and pretty good too. The acidic content of this vinegar is 5%, and it is made from a mix of apples and alcohol. The price for a 1.8L bottle is just ¥664 on Amazon Japan.

Mizkan Jun Ringo Su (ミツカン純リンゴ酢)

If you'd like a slightly more refined version by Mizkan, you can also buy their "Jun Ringo Su" that is made entirely from apples (no alcohol added). It is ¥498 for 500ml on Amazon Japan but you can probably find it at most supermarkets. It has a fruitier taste and aroma compared to the regular ringo su by Mizkan.
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