Updated: December 25, 2018
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DevilCraft Kanda: Thick Chicago Pizza + Craft Beer = Heaven


That's the simple equation that has been making DevilCraft one of the hottest restaurants in Tokyo recently. Here's a presentation of DevilCraft popular Kanda location. We've included plenty of pictures of the menu items.

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DevilCraft (Kanda Location)

DevilCraft is a restaurant that specializes in craft beer and Chicago-style pizzas. It has three locations in Tokyo: one in Hamamatsucho, one in Gotanda and this one being introduced is the Kanda branch, located near the Kanda and Nihonbashi stations, and at a walking distance from Akihabara.
The restaurant has an interesting layout. It has 45 seats but on three different floors, so every floor has a cozy ambiance. On the first and second floor, there is a counter space so it is a good place to socialize. Many foreigners go there and the staff speaks English too so you will have no problem to order even if you are not an expert in the language of Natsume Soseki.

An interesting thing to note is that the entire restaurant is a smoke-free environment.

Food Menu

The main thing to have is their Chicago-style pizzas. They have a bilingual menu from which to order. Each pizza is available in either small or large size. Small sizes are about ¥1,300 whereas the large ones are roughly double that price. You get more for your money by getting a large one and sharing if you are in a group.
For those who aren't familiar with Chicago-style pizzas, their particularity is that they have an extremely thick layer of tomato sauce.

The Big Cheese

This pizza is a standard with extra mozzarella and parmesan.

The Veggie Works

The Veggie Works has an abundance of vegetable toppings that include mushrooms, green onions, spinach, black olives, and stuffed green olives.

Abe Froman

For meat lovers, you could try this Abe Froman pizza which is topped with pepperoni, salami and DevilCraft's house sausage.

Side Orders

As a side order, onion rings are quite popular.
Japanese people love to have potato salads on the side with almost any meal.

Craft Beers

The excellent craft beer is the main reason many people go to DevilCraft. The beer line-up changes occasionally but they have a nice selection of about 15 kinds. Pints range in price from ¥1,000 to ¥1,200 and half-pints are ¥650 to ¥850.


If you want to finish your meal on a sweet note, you can order a classical sweet American desserts such as this apple pie. They also have a very rich caramel pecan pie called "Devil Went Down To Georgia".


The combination of Chicago-style pizza and craft beer is simply irresistible. DevilCraft Kanda is a popular restaurant so it might be better to make a reservation during peak hours. You may be limited to 2hours and 20min during peak hours. DevilCraft Kanda is a good place to have a party. The 3rd floor has 16 table seats and is ideal for that if you are going in a large group.
Also, check out Hamamatsucho location if you are in that area.
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