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Spectacular Kaiseki Cuisine Restaurants in Kyoto!

Kyoto City

Kaiseki cuisine is a completely unique dining experience that you must try at least once while you're in Japan. Kaiseki is a series of beautifully presented dishes. Kaiseki generally is quite pricey, but not all of these restos are. Check out our list of kaiseki restaurants you need to try in Kyoto!

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Roan Kikunoi

Roan Kikunoi is in the affordable category as their lunch starts at 4,000 yen. The dinner kaiseki is a little pricier and is between 13,0000 and 25,000 yen, but given that this restaurant is a 2 Michelin star, it's really not that over-priced. The staff will present you with a menu in English, and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy this culinary experience.

Gion Karyo

Gion Karyo, located in traditional Gion, is the perfect place to enjoy a gorgeous kaiseki meal. The restaurant is the embodiment of Japanese aesthetics, the location, the building itself, the presentation of the dishes, etc. What is more is that lunch is actually affordable. Gion Karyo has a lunch course for 5,000 yen, and a dinner course starting at 10,000yen.


Manjiro is also a very welcoming Japanese kaiseki restaurant with helpful staff. On the lunch menu, there is a mini kaiseki set starting at 3,600 yen or kaiseki cuisine from 5,200-10,800 yen. The dinner menu also has the mini kaiseki set, and the kaiseki menu is from 5,200-14,000 yen. Apart from the kaiseki cuisine, there is also sukiyaki and shabu shabu.


Miyamasou is a gorgeous ryokan which serves kaiseki cuisine. What is spectacular about this restaurant is the concern they have for high-quality, seasonal products. They are hand-picked in the surrounding natural environment and are served with the uttermost care. However, be warned, getting a reservation here is quite difficult.

Hyotei 飄亭

Hyotei is a three Michelin-starred restaurant which serves 'kaiseki' cuisine. This kaiseki is probably the best way to start the day in beautiful and traditional Kyoto as they also serve breakfast. Dinner is served in a traditional Japanese home with a view on the garden. The kaiseki meal consists of many beautifully prepared small dishes. Lunch starts at 23,000 yen and dinner at 27,000 yen.


This place isn't your typical kaiseki restaurant, in fact, it is more of a cafe, but if you are looking for a more than affordable kaiseki experience in a cute decor, this is the place to check out! Akichi, located at a minute distance by walk from Fushimi Inari station, is a frog-themed cafe that offers Kaiseki cuisine as a lunch course. Their menu changes every month, so check their monthly menu! You'll definitely love their food.

It is a very popular restaurant, so making a reservation beforehand is recommended.
Price range is around 2,000 to 2,999 yen, which is more than reasonable!


At this prestigious address, there are 8 counter seats and one private room. The ingredient used for the kaiseki here often include matsutake mushrooms, crab, and "kyoyasai" which are heirloom vegetables from Kyoto cuisine. Small dishes are served one at a time for the patrons to fully appreciate the beauty and delicate tastes of each piece.

Ogata is located near the Karamasu Station.


Suzue is an incredible 2-star Michelin Kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto. This is said to be one of Japan's top restaurants; with a country with so many Michelin-starred restaurants, this means a lot! The particularity of this restaurant is that it uses seasonal, fresh ingredients prepared in a simple way, in order to bring out the best possible taste. The combination of ingredients is sometimes unusual, but once you try the dish, you can only think the chef's creativity is sheer genius.

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