Updated: March 06, 2019
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10 Halal Japanese Restaurants in Osaka You Have To Try!

Osaka City

This is a complete guide to where to have Halal Japanese cuisine in Osaka! You will find anything from ramen to yakiniku and also Osaka specialities, such as takoyaki!

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The restaurant genres presented in this article:

1. Sukiyaki/shabu-shabu
2. Ramen
3. Udon
4. Takoyaki/okonomiyaki
5. Traditional Japanese cuisine

1. Sukiyaki/ Shabu-shabu


When you are traveling through Japan, it can be quite a frustrating experience not to be able to taste all the great food because of dietary restrictions. So when you find a restaurant that serves sukiyaki and shabu-shabu, with an all-you-can-eat option, it's really ideal! What is more is that the course is 4,300 yen!

2. Ramen

Naritaya Ramen

The Osaka branch is located close to Shinsaibashi Station. Like all the other stores, they use organic and halal ingredients. Apart from ramen, Naritaya also serves curry and chicken plates. The special Narita ramen is 1,300 yen, 1,500 for an extra large. Quite nice if you're ravenous!

Honolu Ramen

Another Halal ramen restaurant is Osaka's extremely popular Ramen Honolu, which even opened two branches in Tokyo (Ebisu, Nihonbashi).
You can enjoy the very popular spicy ramen as well as other Japanese foods, such as gyoza and fried chicken.The dishes are very reasonably-priced, the ramen bowls are between 780-880 yen.
N.B: The restaurant has halal options for Muslim customers, however, they do serve alcohol and pork


Ayam ya is a Halal-certified restaurant as well, they also have a prayer room within the restaurant. They specialize in "tsukemen", which are noodles you dip in a broth. You don't have to worry about what you order here since everything is made with Halal ingredients. If you like spicy food, you should try the spicy ramen!

3. Udon

The U-don

This udon restaurant is located in the Kansai International airport, so as soon as you get off the plane, you can enjoy delicious Halal Japanese cuisine! For less than 1,000 yen you'll have your tummy filled and you'll be on your way to explore amazing Osaka!


This noodle shop is also located in the Kansai International airport and specializes in udon and soba noodles. Simple and delicious Japanese dishes that are available right before you get on the plane so you'll never forget all the delicious food you had the chance to eat in Japan!

4. Takoyaki/ Okonomiyaki


Matsuri is an exciting relatively new restaurant in Osaka. This restaurant welcomes Muslim visitors to enjoy Japanese cuisine in a friendly environment. You can also make your own takoyaki, which makes for a fun family activity. There is also vegetarian ramen, which is delicious and does not use animal products. There are also delicious Japanese dishes you can try while you're there, such as the karaage (fried chicken).
There is also a prayer room available in the restaurant.

5. Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Uemachi @ Sheraton Miyako Hotel

Uemachi at the Sheraton Miyako Hotel in Osaka serves Halal food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they even have a bento service (you have to ask 3 days in advance). They offer traditional and modern Japanese cuisine, using seasonal ingredients.

Ajikitcho Bunbu-an

Ajikitcho Bunbu-an is a one-star Michelin restaurant, which caters to dietary restrictions, such as allergies, and of course Halal diets. They have a pork-free menu which you can choose from. Lunch starts at 3,000 yen, which is more than reasonable for such quality. Dinner is between 8,000- 20,000 yen. The "omakase" course means that you entrust the chef to choose the dishes for you. All the ingredients are seasonal and fresh. You're sure to have a delightful culinary experience.

Ukihashi Granvia

Ukihashi is located on the 19th floor of the Hotel Granvia. There is a Muslim-friendly Bento Box for lunch (3,500 yen), and a Muslim-Friendly Japanese course (8,350 yen). Both are delicately prepared and beautifully presented.
The course comes with sashimi, a traditional dish, a broiled dish, miso soup, etc. You can also get Halal beef or chicken for an extra.

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