Updated: April 23, 2019
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Nightlife In Ikebukuro: Coolest Things To Do After 8 PM

Ikebukuro has plenty of good spots to enjoy your evening and party until the wee hours of the night! You will definitely find this area guide useful if you are looking to have fun in Ikebukuro after 8 PM.

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BAGUS is a chill sport and dining bar where you can play darts, billiard, and even simulation golf. The establishment is also equipped with some luxury karaoke rooms and has free wifi. They basically have something for everyone, so it's a good place to spend the night if you've missed the last train. The place is opened until 5 AM.
BAGUS is located a 5-minute walk from the West Exit.

Kurand Sake Market

Kurand Sake Market is a standing bar where you can enjoy over 100 kinds of Japanese sake. The concept is quite interesting, as you are free to browse through the selection and serve yourself free-flowing sake. This place is a great spot to enjoy discovering sake with some friends. The entry is just ¥3,000 and there is no time limit! The place closes at 11 PM and unfortunately, you cannot purchase souvenir sake bottles. The place gets crowded so you may not be able to get in unless you make a reservation before hand.
What's more, if you want to eat some food, you are free to bring your own! You can by a couple of bento boxes and enjoy them in good company.

Bar Hopping

There are many bars totally worth the go in Ikebukuro! We recommend:

- vivo! BEER+DINING BAR for a wide selection of beers and a great atmosphere.
- ISSA Bar for a romantic evening. It is on the 11th floor of a building and has a stylish interior.
- BAR SEED if you are looking for a cozy bar with a local vibe.
- HUB for an English-style cheap, casual night spot.
- Penguin Bar to literally have your drinks with penguins (see the picture above!).

The full info about these popular places is in the article below.

Sakura Cafe

This 24h cafe and restaurant has a nice nightlife vibe with its open terrace space and warm lighting. The place is popular with tourist as the cafe-bar is linked to a hotel which attracts many young foreign guests. You can sit quietly at your table or you can stand and drink while mingling with the other visitor. The place specializes in beers from all regions of the planet. They offer a selection of over 60 kinds. The food is good too, according to many online reviews.


This place is great fun if you love jazz music. Not only can you listen to live jam sessions, but if you are a musician yourself you get play with the talented Japanese musicians. They have jam sessions every night and everyone is friendly. The place has a great atmosphere.
Opens from 19:30, sessions start at 20:00 and finish at 23:00. Located a 5-minute walk from the North Exit of the Ikebukuro Station.

Club BED

Club BED is the largest club in Ikebukuro. The music is usually hip-hop and R&B, which is not something very common in Japan. So going there you will get a sense of what the Japanese hip-hop culture is like. The place is quite spacious and the place can get crowded with some 350 clubbers. There are often live events like famous DJs playing and dance performances. Entrance fee is usually around ¥2,000. The place stays open until 5 AM.
Club BED is located a 5-minute walk from the West Exit of Ikebukuro Station.

For more information about the upcoming events, please refer to the official website.

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