Updated: October 18, 2019
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12 best Tokyo themed restaurants & cafe you have to know about!


There are so many themed cafes in Tokyo. If you want to spice up your Tokyo visit, you should definitely visit these following places!

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Ninja Castle (Asakusa)

At Ninja Castle, your hosts for the night are -you've guessed it- ninjas! They have a few tricks up their sleeves that translate into entertaining performances while serving your meal, and these ninjas are surprisingly great cooks too.

The restaurant is legitimately a nice place to experience traditional Japanese foods such as sushi, sashimi, high-grade Japanese wagyu beef cooked teppan-style, etc.

Note that if you want to try lots of great foods, one of the courses is a great choice. They range in price from ¥2,980 to ¥8,888 (taxes not included) and include 6 to 9 items.

Kawaii Monster Cafe (Harajuku)

Harajuku is the place of all things “Kawaii”, and there is a cafe where you have the most kawaii and fun Harajuku experience; it's called Kawaii Monster Cafe.

Just a minute walk from Meiji Jingumae station, this cafe's concept is to present the most over-the-top kawaii side of Harajuku.

They have a lot of variety of foods on the menu, both sweet and savoury so you can go there for either lunch or a tea break to enjoy their dessert. You should try their eye-popping rainbow pasta and rainbow parfaits with incredible toppings.

Also, their seating arrangement is very fun - they have four different zones: the “Mushroom Disco”, the “Milk Stand”, the “Bar Experiment”, and the “Mel-Tea Room”. Seeing the staff, called the "monster girls", dressed in outrageous Harajuku fashion is also part of the experience.

If you go at night, the cafe turns into a resto-bar with weekly night events.

Tera Cafe (Daikanyama)

"Tera Cafe" literally means temple cafe, and the name is not just a gimmick, there are actual Buddhist monks that come in to give consultations at certain times.

They also serve some delicious Buddhist cuisine for about ¥1,000 to ¥2,000. The idea behind the cafe was to make a place where you can walk in casually, enjoy healthy cuisine and have peaceful conversations.

The interior is of modern style like a fashionable Tokyo cafe but with some Buddhist decorations as well.

Alice in a Labyrinth (Ginza)

This Alice in a labyrinth themed restaurant is located a few minutes from Ginza station.

The decor themed on the world of Alice in Wonderland is really on point. They have special rooms and unique tables - one shaped in a big teacup - that you can reserve if you come in groups.

They serve a pretty wide variety of foods. Popular options include pasta, fondue and some super cute sweets. Many of the foods are also themed on Alice in Wonderland.

If you order a la carte, expect to pay around ¥1,500 to ¥2,500 per dish, but they also have some interesting courses from ¥4,000. It's also a good place to just have a tea break. They have a special tea party set that is ¥1,580.

Kichijoji Yurei - Ghost Bar (Kichijoji)

This spooky bar located in the extremely popular Kichijoji neighbourhood in west Tokyo is one that you can't miss.

Despite the detailed ghostly decor, it's clear from the moment you walk in that this bar is all about fun. While sipping your drinks, you can also munch on playful and tasty food items like cheese eyeballs or fried voodoo dolls.

Come on your birthday, and receive a green jelly brain cake for free!

Artnia by Square Enix (Shinjuku)

If you are a fan of Square Enix games, you will love this place.

They serve all kinds of foods and drinks themed on Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and other famous Square Enix games. Give their popular Final Fantasy-themed fluffy pancakes a try if you want something sweet.

The music played inside the cafe are classical renditions of some of the most popular songs from Square Enix games, so you really feel submerge into the world of the famous Japanese game maker.

Also, about half of the cafe is a sort of exhibition room of figurines of some classic characters from the games. Browsing through the official merchandise goods corner is also super fun.

Moomin House Cafe (Tokyo Skytree)

The Finish character Moomin is one of the most popular characters in Japan. Just a minute walk from Tokyo Skytree station, you can go to this cute Moomin world-themed cafe.

Inside, there are some life-size Moomin dolls and you can simply enjoy the atmosphere inspired by the world of Moomins. Every food item has some kind of reference to the series, and you can enjoy a variety of Scandinavian dishes such as meatballs with a berry sauce.

Lunch at this Moomin cafe is about ¥1,300 to ¥2,000.

Namahage Bar (Shimbashi / Ginza)

The namahage (pictured above) can typically only be seen at a local festival in the northern prefecture of Akita. However, Namahage Bar is your chance to experience this unique part of Akita culture while also trying Akita specialty dishes and nihonshu (sake)!

If you're looking for an experience that is fun and unique, but also traditional, this is the izakaya for you!

Located a short distance walk from either Ginza station or Shimbashi station.

Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe (Jiyugaoka)

At a short distance walk from Jiyugaoka station, you will find a peaceful and relaxing cafe called Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe.

Surrounded by plants and with a Peter Rabbit-themed interior, this cafe serves various original Peter-rabbit themed foods and beverages.

You can also enjoy Peter Rabbit books!

Vampire Cafe (Ginza)

Located a few minutes from Ginza station, this restaurant is very impressive to walk into. This vampire-themed restaurant is decorated in blood red, and even the mirrors and sinks are stained in blood.

The food is good - mostly Italian with lots of pasta options - and the appetizers are especially worth trying. You can have a course meal for about ¥4,000.

Cafe Mugiwara Boushi (Mitaka / Kichijoji)

This is the cafe of the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, located at about a 15-minute from either the Mitaka station or the Kichijoji station. After visiting the museum you can enjoy a variety of themed foods and drinks.

For lunch, you can have their popular meat sauce spaghetti (¥1,600) and for dessert, they have some gorgeous Japanese style parfaits (¥800).

Robot Restaurant (Shinjuku)

This is the famous Robot Restaurant of Shinjuku that has become somewhat of an iconic landmark of the Kabukicho district. It is essentially a high-tech entertainment show restaurant, so the emphasis is not so much on the food but rather on the performances.

The shows feature many cliches of Japanese culture, so you can see, for instance, robots dressed as ninjas, robots in kimono, etc. They have four performances in total per day.

This place is hugely popular with tourists so their staff speak English. Tickets may sell out during the peak tourist season in summer, so to be safe, you're better to save your spot by making a reservation.

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