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5 Very Best Tamagoyaki Restaurants In Tokyo!

Tamagoyaki, which is a kind of Japanese omelette, is something really worth trying when you come to Japan. Although it may sound bland, when done properly, its fluffy texture and its deep savoury taste make a Japanese delicacy in its own rights. Here are the best places to enjoy this underrated traditional dish in Tokyo.

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Tamagoyaki (卵焼き)

Tamagoyaki is a type of Japanese omelette that is fluffy and much more savoury than western type omelettes because dashi stock is added. It is also a little sweet because it is made with either a little sugar or mirin. Tamagoyaki is such a popular standard of Japanese cuisine. You must try it while you are in Japan! This is a quintessential type of Japanese soul food. Here are three places where you can have it!

Tsukiji Yamacho (築地 山長)

Perhaps the only thing that comes to most people's mind when thinking of the Tsukiji Market is the fresh fish. Actually, it is also home to one of the most famous tamagoyaki joints in the country! Yamacho served large pieces of freshly made right before your eyes fluffy tamagoyaki on a stick. There are a couple of kinds you can buy including some with green onions and eel for instance, but the most popular thing is the ¥100 plain one sold on a stick. This is a must try treats when you go to Tsukiji. You will surely see a long queue in front of the joint but the line moves quite fast.
Located a 3-minute walk from the Tsukiji Market Station.

Yagembori (Akasaka Location)

With its traditional atmosphere, this place is just so charming! Yagembori is the place to go when you want to have a hearty homemade style meal. With a "teishoku" you get a huge piece of tamagoyaki with a deep savoury taste served with grated daikon and some other Japanese side dishes made from seasonal vegetables. You also get a miso soup and a bowl of rice, of course. So you have a satisfying lunch meal for a little over ¥1,000. The evening courses can be quite a bit more expensive.
Located a 1-minute walk from the Akasaka Mitsuke Station.

Kyo No Chiso Hannariya (京の馳走 はんなりや )

This restaurant is also extremely popular for its tamagoyaki and serves it in a similar way to the previous one introduced. So you can get an affordable lunch set with a tamagoyaki as the main dish. The omelette is not as salty as the typical tamagoyaki and it has a nice scent that comes from the high-quality dashi used to make it. It is super fluffy and comes with grated daikon as well.

Hakata Motsu Nabedokoro Kirari

This place is a very popular "motsu nabe" specializing restaurant in Ebisu. Motsu nabe is generally a miso hotpot made with offal and vegetables. They also have what people call one of the best tamagoyaki in Tokyo. The Japanese omelette is wrapped around a filling of "mentaiko" which is spicy cod roe, another Japanese specialty you should try. The combination is just perfect.
Located very near the East Exit of the JR Ebisu Station.

Obana (尾花)

On top of being one of the most praised restaurants for it's grilled eel dishes and serving excellent sake, Obana also has a reputation for serving some amazing tamagoyaki with "unagi" (soft water eel) filling. This restaurant is a little pricey (expect to pay around ¥6,000) but it is so worth it because, on top of serving top quality Japanese delicacies, it has a beautiful traditional atmosphere. The dining area is a wide open space on tatami mats. You will be eating at a traditional Japanese low table with cushions for seating.
This restaurant is located at a 5-minute walk from the Minami Senju Station.

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