Updated: November 06, 2018
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An Introduction To Tokyo's Gay District! How To Spend A Fun Night!


Shinjuku nichome is the gay district of Tokyo and is the perfect place to spend a fun time. From delicious restos to fun bars and good cocktails, without forgetting a place where you can dance all night! These are the places to check out while you're in the area! Have fun!

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Some Background Information

Although Japan is not an inherently homophobic country, public displays of affection tend to be frowned upon, regardless of sexual orientation.

Furthermore, Shinjuku nichome is a big neighborhood with a variety of interesting bars and restaurants, but it is relatively small given that Tokyo is an agglomeration of cities, with a total of 34M people!

That being said, Tokyo's nichoume (gay district) is a very fun and inviting neighbourhood. There are tons of different bars and events going on particularly on weekends!
There are even delicious restaurants, such as ramen and even Thai or Vietnamese places.

To start the night: good food!

Baan Kirao

Baan Kirao is in Shinjuku nichome, the gay district of Tokyo. It is a very authentic and delicious restaurant and it is also relatively cheap. It is a very popular restaurant so you might have to wait a bit.
The dinner course menu is around ¥4,000.

Cocolo Cafe

Cocolo Cafe is a dining bar at the heart of Nichome. It is open until 11:30 PM on weekdays, and until 6:30 AM on Friday and Saturday nights. Since trains don't run all night, many people come here to have a late night meal after drinking.
Some people also come fill up with their good food before a night of partying.
Whatever time it is you come, you will find all kinds of tasty foods, from pizza to Thai curry.

Lesbian Bars

Bar Gold Finger

This is the most famous lesbian bar in the area and is super crowded on weekends. It used to be only open to women but now it is open to all the community, apart from Saturdays, which is still a women-only night. They also have a lesbian event on every 3rd Saturday of the month.


Adezakura is also a very popular lesbian bar and can get very crowded on weekends! It is open only to women until 2:00 AM, and until 5 or 6 AM men can also enter the bar. It is quite busy and lively. There is no cover charge and drinks are about 850 yen and up.

Gay Bars

Alamas Cafe

This open-air bar is on the main street of nichome. There are often DJ's playing and radio hosts in the DJ booth, and there are also a lot of people sitting outside on a nice day.
Apart from great cocktails, you can also get some yummy dishes, such as Thai green curry, and fried chicken. Be sure to try the mojito!

AiiRo Cafe Bar

You definitely cannot miss this bar, rain or shine, you will see tons of people outside having a drink and a good time. Cocktails and beer are about 700 yen, which is quite standard for the neighborhood. You're bound to have a fun time and make new friends!

Gay (mix) Clubs

Arty Farty

Arty Farty is one of the most popular gay dance clubs in nichome. On weekends, it is jampacked and the music is blaring. It's a great place to have a drink (or two) and dance the night away. It is a mixed gay bar, but there are mostly men.

Dragon Men

Dragon MEN is a relatively big nightclub compared to the tiny bars in the area. People go there to dance, but there are also seats in the back and outside. The drinks are about 700-800 yen.
This place also gets quite crowded on weekends and is a great place to meet new people.


Nichome is easily accessible from the Shinjuku Sanchome Station on the Marunouchi and Fukutoshin Line.
Or it is about a 10-minute walk from Shinjuku Station.

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