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A Super Promotion Now At A Genuine Hokkaido Izakaya in Bangkok! Only 99B For a Plate Of Sashimi! [PR]

In Bangkok, Thailand, there are three authentic Hokkaido izakaya restaurants you really need to get to know! The area is flooded with Japanese restaurants, but these are by far the best. The seafood is delivered directly from Hokkaido, and now they are also delivering fresh vegetables!

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You can enjoy fresh vegetables and seafood delivered directly from Hokkaido!

In Bangkok, there are so many Japanese restaurants, but these three authentic Hokkaido restaurants are by far the best! These restaurants are "robatayaki" restaurants, which basically is a Japanese form of cooking which is a type of BBQ over hot charcoal (as shown above). The ingredients are fresh and come directly from Hokkaido! On top of the already very famous fresh seafood cuisine, they now have fresh vegetable dishes!

The fish is so fresh, it speaks for itself (luckily, not literally)

The seafood is flown every week directly from Hokkaido. You can even enjoy some seafood you cannot find in Bangkok! It really is as though you were eating it in Japan.

Until the end of April, you can enjoy this awesome campaign: sashimi dish including Hokkaido seafood for only 99B!!

The fresh sashimi plate including Hokkaido seafood is normally 399B but is 99B for a limited time only!

▼Terms of use:
①You must make a reservation
②Your total bill must be over 1,000B
③Limited to one plate per group
④Cannot be combined with any other promotion

*Depending on availability, the ingredients may vary.

From Akkeshi, Hokkaido, Mr. Osawa's oysters: only 99B 365 days a year!

Akkeshi (Hokkaido) is a very famous area for oysters. With is cold oceans, the oysters grow slowly until they are plump and have a rich and deep taste. Mr. Osawa has been a reliable oyster fisherman for about 15 years. Twice a week, there is a delivery of oysters. What is more, they are only 99B every day. Now, that's something to be happy about!

A new vegetable menu available! The vegetables are also fresh from Hokkaido!

When you think of Hokkaido, shrimps, crabs, sea urchin, and oysters probably come to mind, but don't forget about the incredibly delicious vegetables!
Above is a picture of Mr. Kanamaru, a vegetable farmer living 100 km south of Sapporo in Hokkaido. With the shipment of famous and fresh Hokkaido potatoes, you can try the delicious butter and salt potato dish, among many other delicious dishes!

*Depending on the production, sometimes the potatoes are not available.

Grana Padano cheese pasta you need to try!

Customers coming to the restaurant almost always order this delicious cheese dish! The staff prepares the pasta in front of the guest using a huge wheel of cheese. The smell of the cheese will surround you and exhilarate your senses!

Genshiyaki is the most delicious way to cook fish!

"Genshiyaki" 原始焼き means fire-side cooking and is a type of traditional cooking method. Usually, seafood or vegetables are slowly cooked on skewers over a charcoal fire. This ensures the fish is delightfully crispy on the side, yet soft and flavorful on the inside. This style of cooking is said to have originated in Miyagi Sendai, but was developed in Kushiro Hokkaido.

A lucky draw campaign until the end of April...hurry!

All customers visiting the restaurant now can have a try at the lucky draw. You have the possibility of getting a free dish, such as the fresh seafood, vegetables, the pasta dish, etc.

Super lucky draw

On the back of the raffle ticket, you can write your contact information for the chance of winning a trip to Hokkaido from Bangkok!!!

Please ask the store staff for more information.

Maybe having Hokkaido cuisine at one of these three restaurants will be your chance to go to Hokkaido!

All 3 stores are open for Songkran! In Bangkok, Thailand, try Hokkaido cuisine, Genshiyaki!

Hokkaido Robata Genshiyaki 1st location

25 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok

Hokkaido Robata Genshiyaki 2nd location

83 Soi Sukhumvit, 26, Klongton, Klongtoey, Bangkok

Hokkaido Robata Genshiyaki 3rd location

15/1 Soi Chaaroen Chai (EkkamaI12) , Sukhumvit63, Klongton-nua, Wattana, Bangkok
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