Updated: November 06, 2018
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Where To Find Unbelievably Good Ramen In Chiba


There are a couple of ramen joints in Chiba Prefecture that are really worth the go. This article presents a list of the 5 best restaurants in the suburban prefecture of Tokyo. 3 of them are in Matsudo City and 2 of them are in Chiba City.

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Chuka Soba Tomita (中華蕎麦 とみ田)

Located in Matsudo City in Chiba, Tomita is the type of ramen restaurant ramen fans will travel long distances to go to. Their claim to fame comes from their deep-flavoured miso ramen and their outstanding homemade wheat noodles. Most people have it "tsukemen" style (dipping noodles). The prices are around ¥1,200. This place has reached a level of popularity that is so crazy that you have to buy a ticket beforehand to eat there. It's not uncommon for people to buy their tickets at 10 AM and only enter the restaurant at 3 in the afternoon! So plan ahead if you want to eat this out-of-this-world delicious ramen.

Musashino ( むさし野)

This is a place where you can eat a refined kind of ramen. The taste is really savoury but it isn't too heavy. Another particularity of this really popular restaurant is that they offer dishes of fresh seasonal vegetables. You can have for instance some mountain yam (yamaimo) as a side dish with your ramen. Musashino is a restaurant with about 15 seats, half of which are at the counter and the other half are at tables. You can very well come here with friends and enjoy some fine sake too. The ambiance is quite warm and welcoming.

Tonikaku (兎に角 松戸店)

Tonikaku is really popular for its oily type of ramen called "abura soba". You can either have your dish tsukemen (dipping noodles) style or as the standard ramen. You'll notice that the noodles are really thick and chewy and particularly good. That's because they're homemade! They go perfectly well with the rich broth made from a mix of pork bones and dried fish.

Koimen Kurage (濃麺 海月)

This is a very small house restaurant with just 7 places that has become a local favourite in Chiba City. The ramen is made from a combination of seafood and chicken broths. You'll get some finely chopped onions as a topping and also a generous amount of chashu (pork belly meat). This is a must-try joint in Chiba City!

Sugitaya (杉田家)

Sugitamen serves a type of ramen that is called Tekei ramen. It's particularity is that the broth is made from pork bones and soy sauce. The noodles are straight, thick and short. As for the topping of the standard bowl, it consists of a nice amount of spinach, some 4 sheets of nori seaweed and some chashu pork. A nice point about this place is that your dish is very customizable. You can choose how hard you want your noodles, how strong a flavour you want, and how much oil is put into your ramen.

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