Updated: November 06, 2018
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Big Echo Karaoke: Must-Try Karaoke In Tokyo And All Over Japan

Big Echo is the hugest karaoke chain in Japan. It is a benchmark in terms of good karaoke at a reasonable price. Also, the company has all sorts of brands so you are sure to find a karaoke kan that suits what you are looking for. Here is all you need to know about Karaoke Big Echo.

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Big Echo Karaoke (ビッグエコー): The Largest Karaoke Chain In Japan

You'll find Big Echo karaoke bars virtually everywhere you go in Japan. They have one of the biggest selection of songs in Japanese, English Chinese and Korean. Furthermore, the machines for selecting your songs can be set to the language you want so you shouldn't have any problem finding the song or artist that you like.


The company has many brands of karaoke. If the name is written in alphabet ("Big Echo"), it means that the rooms will tend to be more luxurious and that there will be more items on the food menu. These tend to be more geared towards an adult clientele.

If the name is written in katakana (ビッグエコー), it means that the rooms have a more casual feel and that they have a plenty of items on the drinks menu. This brand caters, particularly to a younger, student clientele.

Interestingly, they now even have a new karaoke concept called "Self Karaoke Happy Party" where you can bring your own food and drinks!
And some locations even have special rooms with awesome lighting and projection.

Popular Locations

Big Echo Shinjuku East Exit

Located right in front of the JR Shinjuku Station's East Exit, this is a very convenient and popular location to spend some karaoke time.

Big Echo Shibuya

This is another popular location of Big Echo because it is located near Shibuya Station's Hachiko Exit, which is a popular gathering spot.


These are the regular prices of the Big Echo branch in Shinjuku. Every branch can set its own prices, and prices are subject to changes so use this information to give you a general idea only. If you go to a "ビッグエコー" (big echo written in katakana), the prices may be as low as half of the ones listed below. Also note that if you are a member of the karaoke, you will get a discount that ranges from about ¥50 to ¥100 per 30 minutes.

Prices For 30 Minutes

Monday to Friday and days before national holidays
- ¥213 with a one drink order required
Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays
- ¥346 with a one drink order required

Monday to Thursday
- ¥546 with a one drink order required
Saturday, Sunday and national holidays
- ¥653 with a one drink order required

Free Time Option

Monday to Friday and days before national holidays
- ¥1,491 with a one drink order required

Monday to Thursday, and national holidays
- ¥2,184 with a one drink order required
Friday, Saturday and national holidays
- ¥3,213 with a one drink order required


The menus have tons of options from pizzas to pasta dishes to desserts and more. Most people order "otsumami" which are basically tapas. There is also a popular party set option of about ¥2,000 per person.


As for the drinks, they have a rich variety of cocktails, beers and spirit-based drinks, and non-alcoholic drinks that are about ¥500 each. There are also some all-you-can-drink options that vary in price depending on the location.


Big Echo is the biggest karaoke chain in Japan for some good reasons: the food is decent, the price is reasonable, the rooms are nice and you get cool rating stats on your singing! This is a reliably good choice when you are looking to do some serious karaoke singing!

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