Updated: March 18, 2019
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The Best Places To Grab Lunch In Kyoto!

Kyoto City

Here are some of the best places to have lunch in Kyoto! The restaurants are mostly Japanese cuisine from ramen to tonkatsu, but there is also a Halal Persian and Indian restaurant. What's great about lunch in Japan is you can get something delicious for about 1,000 yen! Enjoy!

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Premium Pork” Kinkabuta” is deep-fried to make the Tonkatsu.
They say that the pork loin is very tender and even the fatty part has also an elegant sweetness and umami (savory taste). They use high-quality pork, as well as healthy plant oil to fry the pork in order to create a juicy but light taste to the Tonkatsu. They mainly serve Tonkatsu in a set, so you can enjoy your Tonkatsu with some other small dishes.

Ramen Sen No Kaze

Sen No Kaze serves tasty, yet cheap ramen. You can get a ramen bowl for about 800 yen, or a set for less than 2,000 yen. For example, how about a nice cold beer, a piping hot salt ramen with a side of gyoza (¥1,660)!
This place only has 16 seats so you'd better come early in order to secure a seat. Once you arrive, you get a ticket and you can connect to their site to have an idea of how much time you need to wait.

Sushi No Musashi

If you want a bang for your buck, this is the place to go. This is by no means the quality of a high-end sushi shop, but if you want to fill up on tasty sushi for really cheap, you should try this place. This resto can get quite busy, so you might have to wait in line for a while, but it is well worth it! Also, conveyor belt sushi restaurants are a really fun family activity!

Kyoto Takabashi

Kyoto Takabashi is an unpretentious ramen restaurant in Kyoto with darn good dishes! Their special ramen is only 800 yen, but if you would like a vegetable ramen or a mini size bowl, they are 500 yen, and 550 yen respectively! How about a classic and get a beer and some ramen with that. You are on vacation, so enjoy it!

Arash's Kitchen

Arash's Kitchen is rated as the best Persian/Indian restaurant in Kyoto! They are a Halal restaurant, which also serves a lot of vegetarian dishes, such as stews and Indian curry. It's delicious and the service is outstanding. Lunch is about ¥1,000. They serve many kinds of kebab among other things. For dinner, you can choose between Indian and Persian dishes.

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