Updated: May 12, 2018
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Kobe's Chinatown: Nankinmachi! Where To Get The Best Of Chinatown!


Nankinmachi is Kobe's Chinatown, and is well worth the detour! Kobe is an enchanting city with a lot to offer and discover, make sure you also stop by the lovely Chinatown for some delicious and hearty food!

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There will probably be a long queue in front of the Roshoki, but it is well worth the wait. They sell pork-stuffed steamed buns, and they're really good! They're also really cheap! You have to order a minimum of 3.
There is a small spot to sit outside while you're enjoying this tasty snack!


More than just a snack, if you would like to sit down for a proper meal, this is the place to go for delicious Cantonese cuisine. If anything, you must try their squid tempura, it's incredible! Make sure to also try the fried rice, it's delicious!

Ganso Gyoza-en

Who doesn't love piping hot gyozas which are crispy on the outside and incredibly juicy on the inside. What is more is that they're cheap! 6 delicious gyozas for only 430 yen! You can have them pan-fried, boiled in soup, deep-fried! Gyozas and beer, is there a more perfect combination? And then you can finish your meal with a nice and refreshing mango sherbet!

Kobe Motomachi Bekkan Botanen

This restaurant is a long established restaurant in Kobe. The dishes are simply delicious!
They have some high-end and expensive dishes if you want to splurge, but they also have affordable and simple dishes. Either or, you'll find what you want.

Gaen Syuka

Gaen Shuka is a Hong Kong style restaurant in the center of Chinatown. What is great about this resto is that they also have vegetarian dishes, if you are part of a large group with all kinds of picky eaters. The fried noodles are particularly good!

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