Updated: November 07, 2018
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Karaoke Kan In Tokyo: All You Need To Know About The Famous Karaoke Box

Karaoke Kan is an extremely popular karaoke chain store in Tokyo and in most cities across the country. You shouldn't have much trouble finding one near a train station. This is all you need to know about the place, including the price scheme an major locations.

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Karaoke Kan (カラオケ館)

Karaoke Kan is one of the most popular karaoke chains in Japan. You can find a store near virtually every major station in Tokyo and other mid to large size cities. The place is easily recognizable by its blue and red signboard and its store clerks dressed in what resembles sailor uniforms. The place is pretty easy on the wallet and there are some all-you-can-drink options that are very popular. This is often the place where Japanese coworkers go for an after work Friday evening stress relief get together.

Popular Locations In Tokyo

Karaoke Kan Roppongi Location

The Roppongi location is popular with tourists so the staff is used to explain the system to people with limited or no knowledge of Japanese.

Shinjuku Location

The Shinjuku branch is a high tower with large windows so some rooms have spectacular night views. There are some rooms that have a capacity of up to 30 people.

Akihabara Location

The Akihabara Location is conveniently located at a 3-minute walk from the Akihabara Station.

Karaoke Kan Shibuya Location

This is a major branch near Shibuya Station that is also famous because it is the place that appeared in the film Lost In Translation by Sophia Copolla. In case you are wondering, the rooms where the Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanson scene was shot are 601 and 602.


One thing to note about Karaoke Kan is that they give a 25% discount for people that are members. Membership is free, so we recommend you just sign up, even if you just plan on going once. The prices listed below are for members. The information below is based on prices at the Shibuya location. Prices may vary at other branches.

Prices For 30 Minutes

Monday to Friday:
- ¥90 with a one drink order
Saturday, Sunday, national holidays and days before national holidays:
- ¥130 with a one drink order

Monday to Friday:
- ¥400 with a one drink order
Saturday, Sunday, national holidays and days before national holidays:
- ¥490 with a one drink order

Free Time

Monday to Friday:
- ¥1,010 with all-you-can-drink soft drinks
Saturday, Sunday, national holidays and days before national holidays:
- ¥1,320 with all-you-can-drink soft drinks

Monday to Thursday, and national holidays:
- ¥1,490 with a one drink order
Friday, Saturday, and days before national holidays:
- ¥1,990


People ten to order many cheap dishes of mostly deep fried foods such as this tower of onion rings for ¥590. You can also order pizzas, takoyaki, karaage (Japanese deep fried chicken), fried potatoes and Sundays. Most items are around ¥400.


They have all sorts of cocktails, shochu-based drinks, wines high ball drinks and beers that can be ordered in towering glasses of 40 cm of height. The average price for a drink is about ¥500. Note that there are some all-you-can-drink options that are about ¥1,500, so if you plan to drink more than three drinks, it's better to have that.

Songs In English

They use a major database of songs with plenty of choices in English so you shouldn't have problems finding some classics and modern popular songs.

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