Updated: April 17, 2018
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Ultimate Guide To The Best Karaoke In Tokyo!

This guide includes all you need to know about the major and very best karaoke chains in Tokyo. There is information about the pricing system, the food and drinks, and the particularities of every store.

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Karaoke In Japan

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For young and old, Karaoke is a popular activity among people in Japan. Karaoke has a therapeutic effect for many stressed out Tokyoites. It's a place where people go to relieve some of the pressure and have fun with friends, or even alone. It's not strange at all in Japan to rent an entire karaoke room for oneself. The individual prices are the same whether you go alone or in a group.

Price System

The price system at karaoke boxes is basically the same for all major chains listed below. There are two major price schemes: price per 30-minute blocks and prices for a "free time" session.

30 Minute Blocks

Outside of the peak hours, which is to say weekdays from opening time to about 6 or 7 PM, the 30-minute blocks can be as cheap as ¥100. If you go on the weekend or after 7 PM, the prices can easily go up to ¥400.

Free Time

Nearly all karaoke places have a free time option. The price also varies according to the time of day and week. Outside of the peak hours, you can have the free time option for as little as ¥1,000, and sometimes this comes with access to a drink and ice cream bar! If you go during peak hours, however (after 7 PM and on weekends), free time prices can easily triple.


Nearly all karaoke chains have an all-you-can-drink (alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks) option that you can even combine with a free time session. These are usually the cost of three drinks (about ¥1,500). It's quite common for people in Japan to rent a room and drink and sing until they can get on the first train of the morning that leaves at around 5 AM.


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Food at karaoke boxes is usually around ¥500 per serving and the menus tend to be heavy on deep fried items such as karaage chicken, french fries and onion rings.

The Best Karaoke Chains In Tokyo

Below is a list of the most popular and best-rated karaoke chains in Tokyo. We've included a link to each section so that you can have more precise information about the prices and other things for each store. All of these major chains have tens of thousands of songs in English and the machines from which you order the songs can be set to English.

Shidax Karaoke

The full name of this karaoke is "Restaurant Karaoke Shidax" so as you can imagine, the food and drinks here are rather good for a karaoke box. We would particularly recommend ordering one of their pizzas while you're there.
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Pizzas are ¥790. On the picture here is the premium seafood one. If you want something sweet, they even have a marshmallow and chocolate pizza at the same price. There are 13 locations in Tokyo. See the site below for more information.

Karaoke Kan

Karaoke Kan stores are virtually everywhere in the capital. They are one of the best chains in the country because of great rooms, the nice sailor costumes the staff wears and the self-served drink bar. This place is rather on the cheap side. Karaoke Kan was made famous outside of Japan as well thanks to the film Lost in Translation. The famous karaoke scene was shot at the Shibuya branch. For more information, check ou the link below.

Uta Hiroba

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This place is cheap! That's above all why people like it. There is a soft drink bar that also serves soft serve ice cream that you can have access to no matter what plan you choose.
You can go overboard with the ice cream if you want!

Big Echo Karaoke

Big Echo is a really good karaoke chain that is popular not just in Tokyo but all over Japan. It has two major brands the "Big Echo" stores which are more geared for an adult clientele and the "ビッグエコー" which is big echo written with the Japanese katakana syllabary system. The Japanese written one is cheaper and caters more to a student clientele.
They have good rooms and a really solid food and drink menu too. Many people argue this is the best overall karaoke box.


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Pasela is another major Karaoke chain that is popular in the Kanto region. It was awarded for three years in a row a customer satisfaction award. Pasela has interesting themed rooms that are sometimes from collaborations with games and anime series. If you go to the Akihabara location, they even have a Final Fantasy cafe!
Pasela is famous for these huge desserts called honey toasts. It's half a loaf of bread with the inside cut into cubes and honey flavoured. All kinds of toppings are available.

Karaoke No Tetsujin

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Karaoke No Tetsujin is cheap and a great place for anime and game fans. The decor is based on that anime kind of universe and the store often makes collaborations with popular series which translates in game or anime-themed menu items.
This place is particularly popular with students.
Japanese food culture enthusiast. Love to explore new areas and discover local specialties.

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