Updated: November 07, 2018
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The 10 Best Vegan Restaurants You Need To Try In Kyoto!

Kyoto City

Kyoto is a great place to try vegan cuisine! You should check out these awesome vegan restaurants in Kyoto!

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Kangaan is located near the Kuramaguchi station and nearby the Kamo river. What a magical place to have lunch or dinner.Courses are between ¥5,000-¥15,000.
This restaurant is a delight for vegans, and even if you're not, it is a delight for the senses. Imagine having a many course meal served to you while having a breath-taking view of their garden.

Ukishima Garden

This restaurant is also a "shojin ryori" restaurant which incorporates the zen spirit. They use local vegetables and ingredients, and also offer different types of cuisine such as ramen, gyoza, and even Italian and French cuisine. The lunch course is 2,800 yen and comes with tapas, a choice of a main plate, coffee and assorted desserts. This dishes are beautiful and colorful, and the ambiance conveys well the Kyoto elegance.


Choice is an elegant gluten-free and vegan cafe located near the Keihan Sanjo Station.
You can come for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and even tea time on the weekend. They make their own cheese which you can also buy. The pancakes are particularly good and the cheeseburger is also a delight!

Veg Out

This beautiful cafe is located on the banks of the Kamogawa river, you can enjoy delicious and healthy vegetarian cuisine in relaxing setting.
Lunch is about ¥1,000-¥1,500. You get a tasty and colorful lunch set.

Organic house Salute

This place is not the easiest to find, but you'll be so glad you did!This place serves magnificent and skilfully prepared vegan cuisine. Healthy vegans and junk-food vegans alike will agree that it's delicious! The vegan burger is particularly popular!

Vegans Cafe & Restaurant

Vegans Cafe & Restaurants serves vegan dishes as well as organic food! If you are looking for healthy dishes, try this place. They are also very careful about food allergies, so you can enjoy their food without worrying. If you would like to try their oriental vegetarian menu, reservation is required. They have so many different dishes, makes you want to try them all! Around an 8 minute walk from Fujimori station.
Dishes are around 1,000 yen, and 540 yen more if you want to make it into a set! They have Japanese style cuisine, as well as pizza!
If you're vegan but would like to try ramen, you should have the organic ramen (miso or soy milk).

Veggie Cafe

The owner prepares everything on his own from scratch. Furthermore, everything is vegan and organic! This place is highly regarded by vegans and non-vegans alike because of the quality of the food and the flavor of the dishes! The burger is really popular, you should try it for yourself!

Morpho Cafe

The dishes are about 1,000 yen, and there is a nice variety of cuisines to choose from: Japanese, Thai, American, etc. There are burgers, green curry, a brown rice tomato doria, etc.
There is a lot of choices, it's delicious and not expensive..no wonder it's so popular! The soy cutlet is particularly delicious!

Sunny Place

This tiny and welcoming shop is run by a very nice lady who speaks very good English. The plates are only 1,000-1,200 yen are filling and delicious.
The restaurant is only open for lunch, from 11:30 to 3:30 PM.
The restaurant also has a catering service which offers bento boxes, and also holds cooking classes once a month.

Little Heaven

In order to visit this restaurant, you will have to make a reservation because it has irregular holidays and closing times.
Little Heaven offers a sumptuous vegan course for about 5,000-7,000 yen. You can have regional Kyoto vegetables or the vegan sushi course.

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