Updated: November 07, 2018
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Ultimate Guide To The Sapporo Ramen Republic!


The Sapporo Ramen Republic is an awesome amalgamation of top-tier famous ramen joints, mostly from Hokkaido. Along with the Sapporo Ramen Yokocho, this is a must go spot in Sapporo for ramen lovers.

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Sapporo Ramen Republic (札幌ラーメン共和国)

Sapporo Ramen Republic, known as Sapporo Ramen "Chowakoku" in Japanese, is an amalgamation of some of the best ramen joints in Hokkaido, each serving their local speciality. It is located on the 10th floor of the ESTA shopping mall complex, directly connected to the JR Sapporo Station.

Address: 10F ESTA, 2 Kita 5 Jonishi, Sapporo, Hokkaido
You can't really miss the entrance! Once you go in, your only problem will be to choose from the eight irresistibly delicious Hokkaido ramen joints. Here's a guide to help you decide.

Shirakaba Sanso (白樺山荘) - Sapporo Style

Shirakaba Sanso has a miso ramen with a punch that will leave you speechless if you like the "kotteri" (strong taste) kind of ramen.

Misono (みその) - Sapporo Style

The popular choice here is also the miso-based ramen. The particularity at Misono is that they have a topping made of grilled pork instead of the standard chashu. This ramen is also on the strong savoury side and the noodles are rather big.

Yoshiyama Shoten (吉山商店) - Sapporo Style

This joint's popular ramen has a soup made from tonkotsu (pork) and two kinds of white miso so the taste is pretty deep and savoury. They add some grated sesame seed on top which gives it a nice smell and a grilled taste.

Ramen Sora (ラーメン そら) - Sapporo Style

Last but not least representing the Sapporo style of miso ramen is the joint, which serves another rich miso ramen with a nice punch of garlic.

Hakodate Menchubo Ajisai (函館麺厨房あじさい)- Hakodate Style

This restaurant's speciality is a clear broth shio (salt) ramen. The soup is made from kombu seaweed stock. The taste is on the lighter side if you compare it to the miso ramen of Sapporo.

Shodai (初代) - Otaru Style

Otaru in Hokkaido also has its own local ramen that you can try at Shodai. The broth is made from a mix of white and red miso that is heated on low heat for a long time. The result is a deep-flavoured reddish kotteri ramen. The spicy version is popular too.

Asahikawa Ramen (旭川ラーメン) - Asahikawa Style

The miso based soup here is from made from both pork bones and fish. It has a nice umami without being too heavy. The house-made noodles are on the thin side and taste great.

Ramen Jun (ラーメン潤) - Niigata Style

Let's call this one the odd one of the bunch because technically this is not a ramen genre from Hokkaido; it's from the central western prefecture of Niigata. Still, the ramen they serve is outstanding so give it a try. It has a deep flavour made from a top quality dashi (Japanese soup stock) and there is an additional punch that comes from a nice amount of onions added as a topping.


You'll probably have to go there a couple of times to compare the ramen of each restaurant! These are really famous places so you shouldn't go wrong no matter what you try. Also if you are up to another ramen adventure, make sure you visit the Sapporo Ramen Yokocho, the other famous ramen spot in Sapporo.
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