Updated: May 29, 2018
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Where To Have The Best Oysters in Hiroshima!

Hiroshima City

Hiroshima is one of the four regions in Japan famous for growing delicious oysters. They are known to be small, but incredibly meaty and tasty. If you are an oyster lover, here are some different ways to try Japanese oysters: at a Japanese seafood BBQ, an Okonomiyaki, Italian, oyster bar or a Japanese-style restaurant.

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Seafood BBQ: Guttsuri-an

Guttsuri-an is a restaurant located near the centre of Hiroshima. They only serve the freshest seafood which comes directly from their own fish shop. The recommended way to eat the oysters is to grill them over the grill. But you can also have them deep fried tempura-style, or raw. The butter sauteed oysters are particularly delicious! A reservation is recommended.

Oyster Okonomiyaki: Okonomiyaki Nagata-ya

Okonomiyaki Nagata-ya is a highly-rated okonomiyaki restaurant. And if you're looking to try two of Hiroshima's specialties combined into one, you should try the oyster okonomiyaki! It's delicious! For ¥1,500, you get an okonomiyaki jam-packed with pork, eggs, oyster, squid chips, green onions and soba. Yum! The perfect accompaniment is beer!

Italian: Caffe Ponte

Caffe Ponte is a charming Italian resto by the water. They have a set menu with very affordable and delicious dishes. It's perfect for a date night or for a nice lunch on the terrace. If you want to try oysters in a variety of ways, you'll be happy to know you can try their oyster Foccacia gratin, their grilled oysters, their oysters over rice, their oyster pasta, their fried oysters, and grilled oysters with cheese! The last one is particularly yummy!

Oyster Bar: Hiroshima Namiki Oyster Bar Mabui

Hiroshima Namiki Oyster Bar Mabui is a seafood bar with a lively atmosphere. For amazingly fresh oysters, this is the place to go! You can have a tasting platter with different types of oysters. You can also have them grilled! You can sit at the counter or at a table, and it is a pleasant place to have some nice fresh oysters and a nice glass of crisp white wine.
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Japanese Cuisine: Kakigoya Fukuromachi Umihei Shoten

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Kakigoya Fukuromachi Umihei Shoten serves Japanese cuisine in an unpretentious and fun environment. There is a ton of ways to try Japanese-style oysters: raw, fried, tempura, in a hot pot, etc. You can have the oyster course for 3,000 yen, which comes with all the dishes mentioned above.
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