Updated: November 07, 2018
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5 Best Restaurants To Have Champon In Nagasaki!

While in Nagasaki, you must try the local speciality called "Champon". It is similar to ramen, but the noodles are boiled in the soup. The ingredients that make it are usually fried pork and seafood. Here are the best places to try the Nagasaki Champon!

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Kozanro (江山楼 中華街本店)

Kozanro is a true institution in the heart of Nagasaki's China town. The now huge restaurant has been in operation since its humble beginnings in 1946. There, you can have what many consider the best champon in the city. Their secret is to have kept an authentic, homemade-like taste since its creation. You can get them in three sizes that range in price from ¥800 to ¥1,500. There are some nice courses you can have too, which come with all kinds of Chinese delicacies.
Located a 4-minute walk from the Tsukimachi Station.

Shikairo (四海樓)

This is another address which has been part of the Nagasaki landscape for ages. Although the restaurant was rebuilt and now has a stunning modern architecture, the original Shikairo opened in 1899. Champon has been their speciality all these years so you won't go wrong by trying it there. It has an irresistible seafood scent, has a deep savoury taste and comes with its signature topping of shredded omelette.
Located at a 15-minute tram ride from the JR Nagasaki Station. Taking the tramway, get off at the O-Uratenshudoshita (大浦天主堂下) stop.

Tentenyu (天天有)

This is another restaurant of long standing you can't go wrong with for outstanding champon ramen. Their champon is particularly rich and creamy and has a good amount of fresh shrimps and oysters. The price is ¥750 for a regular size and ¥1,100 for a large. You can have it with a set that includes 4 gyozas as well (¥1,000). Also, at Tentenyu you can try a "roshu" (老酒) which is a type of fermented Chinese alcohol.
Located a 4-minute walk from the Shianbashi Station.

Gunraiken (群来軒)

This is another restaurant serving some first-class Nagasaki champon. For lunch (11:30 - 14:30), you can get the famous dish for about ¥1,000. For dinner (17:00 - 21:00) you can also have a Chinese feast that includes steamed duck, shrimps and lots of fine hors-d'oeuvres. The evening courses are a bit pricey at around ¥7,000 but many locals rave about this place.
Located near the Nishi-Hamanomachi bus stop.

Kojoko (皇上皇)

This restaurant specializes in Cantonese and Taiwanese cuisine (the chef is Taiwanese). Besides that, it has the reputation of having one of the best champon in Nagasaki. The chef is particular about his ingredients so he uses only the freshest, in-season things that are available. Also, his udon saraudon (another Nagasaki speciality pictured below) is also outstanding.
This restaurant is conveniently located very at about 100 meters of the Nagasaki Station (5th floor of the AMU PLAZA).


This article presented the best places to have the famous Nagasaki champon. Nagasaki also has some amazing ramen shops you should try. Here is our selection of those!

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