Updated: November 06, 2018
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Where to Get the Best Gyoza in Tokyo: Pan Fried Dumplings

The best spots for gyoza in Tokyo! Gyoza are Japanese Pan-Fried Dumplings, aka juicy little pockets of goodness that are sometimes too good to stop eating! Found all throughout Japan, they usually accompany a bowl of ramen or served along side dishes at Chinese restaurants. If you're going to get gyoza in Tokyo make sure you hit these top 5 gyoza restaurants!

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Kameido Gyoza 亀戸餃子

Kameido Gyoza comes in at number 1 spot with its immense popularity with locals. Though a little bit outside of downtown, it's a place that should not be overlooked if you're keen on locking lips with some juicy gyoza while in Tokyo. Located in Kameido about 1 minute walk from Kameido station on the JR Sobu line.
Coming in groups of 5 pieces and only 250 yen, its pretty hard to stop eating when you get gyoza this delicious!
Beware though, get there early or you might be waiting a long time, especially if its the weekend.

My advice - stick with ordering gyoza (don't worry about other sides) and pair it with an ice-cold Asahi beer!

Hoanyon 歓迎本店

Hoanyon is a chinese restaurant that makes the next best gyoza in Tokyo. Served slightly different than most gyoza, the chefs at Hoanyan create a crispy layer on the bottom of pan that keep the gyoza together to make a crispy crust. Located about 290m from the east exit of JR Kamata station. Open from morning til late!
There's more than just gyoza on the menu, but gyoza is the main reason to come here - so if your looking for a little bit more try the the fried rice or the mabo tofu!
Perfect dorsal fin-like crispy gyoza!

Okei おけ以

Okei, pronounced 'okay', serves up gyozas that are far from 'Okay'! The chefs here are masters at creating super crispy gyoza! If you're looking for an authentic / traditional place to scoff down some gyoza before a big night than this is your place! The side ramen dishes enhance the flavour of every bite you take. Located a 3 minute walk from JR Itabashi station west exit, it's in a convenient place near lots of other bars and accommodation.
Golden pan-fried dumplings. Eat your heart out!
Order gyoza by themselves or with soup, rice, or ramen. They also have a good selection of Japanese sake and shochu if you're feeling a little thirsty!

Sweet Baozi

Sweet Baozi is a gyoza and dumpling shop in the Jimbocho area that's been around since the old days. It's definitely a place people come from far and wide to line up for. It's a long and skinny shop that seats up to about 24 people at a time. Be prepared to wait up to 20 mins if you come here on the fly. Best to plan ahead! Located just a one-minute walk from Jimbocho station.
The gyoza here are said to have the exact same taste and flavour it did from years ago, and this is due to the diligence of the chef getting every batch just right! Everything is hand-made daily! Shaped a little differently, each dumpling is expertly grilled for the perfect crisp crust on the bottom! Yum! Now, give me a beer :)
You've probably had gyoza the normal grilled way but they are also amazingly delicious when they are cooked in a hearty broth! Called "mizu gyoza" these suckers are extremely tasty. The same goes for the broth they a swimming in.

Taikorou (Yaesu main store)

Established in 1949, Taikourou has been around for a long time, but that's not what they are known for. Think massive, juicy, mouth-watering "Jumbo Gyoza"! Taikourou's Yaesu main store is just 3 minutes on foot from Tokyo Station. Along with a bunch of other dishes, the main reason to come here is to get your chopsticks on the handcrafted gyoza! They have ample seating for single diners, smalls groups, or even larger groups of up to 30 people.
A little more upscale than most gyoza joints, Taikourou offers some fantastic courses featuring a number of great Chinese dishes along with their famous "Jumbo Gyoza." Courses start from 3000 yen per person and include about eight dishes.
If you look closely, you'll see that each gyoza is about the same size as an iPhone! Packed full of scrumptious fresh ingredients see if you polish of a whole plate... or two!

How many gyoza could you eat?

How many gyoza do you think you could eat in one sitting? What if they were the jumbo size ones?

Why not hit up one of these places on your next trip to Tokyo and send us your eating adventure photos!

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