Updated: November 07, 2018
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Matcha Bonanza At Mister Donut From April, 2018!

From April 6th, for a limited time, Mister Donut has teamed up with a famous matcha store to offer 9 different kinds of premium matcha donuts and drinks! Here are the must-try menu items of this matcha bonanza.

Apr 06, 2018(Fri) - May 31, 2018(Thu)
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9 Kinds of Matcha Donuts And Drinks At Mister Donuts!

Celebrate the spring with Uji matcha treats at Mister Donut!
Giontsujiri is a reputable store specializing in premium matcha products based in Tokyo. For its confections, it uses only premium quality Uji Matcha known for its sharp fragrance. Now you can have a taste of their products thanks to their collaboration with the popular coffee chain Mister Donut.

The offer starts April 6th, 2018 and is scheduled to run until the late part of May.

Special Donuts!

There are a total of seven donuts that contain the quintessential ingredients used in Japanese confectionary.

Black Sugar Donut With Uji Matcha And Warabimochi

This one is just irresistible with its bracken starch dumpling called warabimochi, its matcha whipped cream and its black sugar jelly.

Ujicha Whipped Cream

The dough of this one has a fluffy texture and the inside is filled with whipped cream that has some Uji matcha. The coating is made of chocolate matcha and there's some kinako (soy bean powder) sugar powder sprinkled on it too.

Pon De Ringu Double Matcha!

This is Mister Donut's signature product. The Pon De Ringu is made of a rice flour which makes it very chewy. For the special matcha edition, inside this dough, there is some matcha powder and they also coated it with some chocolate matcha. You can't go wrong with this one.

Matcha Choux Cream

The dough is the same as the one used for choux cream. The filling has some fresh whipped cream as well as some sweet adzuki beans to give it a traditional taste. The coating has some chocolate Uji matcha and some kinako sugar powder!

Uji Matcha Au Lait

What better way to have a matcha donut than to pair it with a matcha drink! Two special Uji matcha au lait are available. One is topped with whipped cream (¥356) the other isn't (¥302).


More items are available! Try out these delicious treats while they last at Mister Donuts stores throughout Japan. For more information on Mister Donuts, check out the link below.
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