Updated: October 18, 2019
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The 10 Best Restaurants in Hiroshima!

Hiroshima City

Hiroshima is a beautiful city to visit with many delicious cuisines to try. Here are ten of the very best restaurants in the city. Enjoy!

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Chiso Sottaku Ito 馳走 啐啄一十

'Chiso Sottaku Ito' is one of the best restaurants in Hiroshima. Period. The chef is an absolute master of dashi (broth), which is made at the restaurant using the famous fresh soft water from Hiroshima to draw out the flavor of specialty konbu and 'kezuri bushi' (dried fish, shown above). The dashi is masterfully incorporated into the seafood-based cooking to create absolute masterpieces of flavor. Courses are varied and interesting, giving guests the very best Japanese fish and dashi that this country has to offer. If you're planning to visit Hiroshima, plan ahead and make a reservation here. You won't regret it!

Guttsuri-Tei ぐっつり亭

Guttsuri-tei is a restaurant located near the centre of Hiroshima. They only serve the freshest seafood which comes directly from their own fish shop. You can have the seafood sashimi-style, or grilled before you, tempura-style, etc. A reservation is recommended.

Hassei 八誠

When you travel to Hiroshima, a must-try food is the local specialty that is okonomiyaki. Although okonomiyaki restaurants are found everywhere in Japan, Hiroshima has its own local style that uses noodles and layers the ingredients. Hassei is perhaps the best in the region for Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki! Try the cheese topping. And their secret "tare" sauce will get you hooked!

Sushitei Hikarimachi すし亭光町店

Sushitei Hikarimachi is a delicious and inexpensive restaurant close to Hiroshima Station. It is affordable and incredibly tasty. Some even say it is the best sushi they ever had! Plus, the staff is friendly and the menu is in English.

Okonomiyaki Nagata-ya お好み焼長田屋

Okonomiyaki Nagata-ya is a highly-rated okonomiyaki restaurant. And if you're looking to try two of Hiroshima's specialties combined into one, you should try the oyster okonomiyaki. It's delicious! For ¥1,500, you get an okonomiyaki jam-packed with pork, eggs, oyster, squid chips, green onions and soba. Yum! The perfect accompaniment is beer.

Koba コバ

Koba is a really interesting, must-visit bar in Hiroshima. The owner is really friendly and welcoming and even speaks English well. The venue always has a nice atmosphere and it easy to meet locals and foreigners alike. Although it is more of a casual izakaya, they also have delicious food and drinks. You should try the pizza!

Roopali Indian Restaurant ルーパリ 若草町店

Roopali is a conveniently located Indian restaurant close to Hiroshima Station. The curry is amazing, and the naan is as well. Very affordable, especially for lunch. You can have a lunch special for 1,000-1,300 yen and it comes with salad, naan, curry, chicken, etc.

Caffe Ponte カフェ ポンテ

Caffe Ponte is a charming Italian resto by the water. They have a set menu with very affordable and delicious dishes. It's perfect for a date night or for a nice lunch on the terrace. If you want to try oysters in a variety of ways, you'll be happy to know you can try their oyster Foccacia gratin, their grilled oysters, their oysters over rice, their oyster pasta, their fried oysters, and grilled oysters with cheese! They have so many delicious and authentic dishes.

Denko Sekka 電光石火

Just a 2-minute walk from Hiroshima station, Denko Sekka offers a satisfying Okonomiyaki experience! They also have a teppanyaki menu where you can enjoy their oyster and Hiroshima's pork called "Momiji Pork".
Their Okonomiyaki is so tasty and tender - they put really fluffy eggs around the okonomiyaki and use shiso leaves to add accent to its mild taste. This place was featured in the Michelin Guide for Hiroshima too. If you are looking for a place to have Okonomiyaki near Hiroshima station, you should definitely stop by!

Hotel Granvia Hiroshima

Japanese Restaurant Setouchi is located in the Granvia Hotel in Hiroshima. They serve everything from breakfast to dinner, without forgetting tea time! There is a seasonal Japanese breakfast for 2,376 yen and lunch is 3,000-3,500 yen. For a Japanese Kaiseki dinner, there is a 7,200 yen, a 9,500 yen, and a 12,000 yen course. You can have, for example, sashimi, fish, etc.

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