Updated: November 07, 2018
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5 Selected Okonomiyaki Restaurants In Sapporo!


Okonomiyaki is often referred to as a Japanese savoury pancake. It's a dish packed with all kinds of ingredients and fried in a large pancake shape right in front of you. It's a must-try if you are in Japan! Although the dish is most famous in the Kansai region, there are some good restaurants in the north as well. Here's our selection for Sapporo.

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Macca まっか

Macca is a reputable restaurant that has been featured on Japanese TV shows. The restaurant has two locations in Sapporo. The one here is the branch near Susukino Station. The restaurant has some counter seats where the okonomiyaki is made right in front of you on the large iron plate. Otherwise, you can sit at traditional Japanese tables that are also equipped with the iron plate. The resto has a laid-back atmosphere. Their style of okonomiyaki is similar to what you would find in Osaka. A popular menu item you should try is the zuchimo (ズーチーモー) pictured above which is mochi rice cakes wrapped in cheese! You can have it with spicy cod roe too (mentaiko). Macca is the perfect place to spend an evening in good company.
Located a 3-minute walk from the Susukino Station. Opens from 18:00 and closes late.

Enami えなみ

Enami is known as a good place for okonmiyaki but also for "teppanyaki" which is a kind of Japanese cuisine for which various ingredients are cooked on an iron plate. So not only can you enjoy okonomiyaki but also steak and seafood grilled right in front of you. You can get here what is called a modan'yaki which is okonomiyaki topped with soba noodles and fried together.
Located a 6-minute walk from the Hassamuminami Station. You can go there for lunch or dinner.

Higebozu ひげぼうず

This is a pretty stylish okonomiyaki restaurant! The atmosphere and layout of the place is kind of similar to what you would expect from a beef teppanyaki restaurant because there is a wide counter where you can sit at and see the chef make your order. The style here is similar to what you would get in Hiroshima, which means the ingredients are not mixed together but rather, they're layered. They're big okonomiyaki pancakes filled with some noodles and lots of veggies.
Near the Nangojuhacchome Station.

Tanokyu 田の久

Tanoku is a popular place to have okonomiyaki. They have original items such as the one pictured above which is made with ingredients that you would find in a pizza! It's a shop of long-standing, really loved by the locals. They serve ice cold lager beers too, which makes it the perfect place for celebrating the end of a hard day's work! The yakisoba is pretty good if you want to try something aside from the okonomiyaki. This is a nice cozy resto with a retro vibe you'll be glad you went to.

Nandeyanen なんでやねん

Nandeyanen is a place where you can make typical Osakan okonomiyaki. All the ingredients are mixed together before you fry the savoury pancake on your own on the iron plate at your table. Top it with mayo or a good amount of fish flakes! Here, there are some very long tables, which makes the place ideal if you are planning to go in a large group.

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