Updated: July 02, 2018
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5 Best Steak Restaurants In Sapporo, Hokkaido!


Whether grilled or teppanyaki style, these are some of the best places in Sapporo for steak! Some of this selection are high-end restaurants while others are quite cheap. All of them are restos very popular with the locals that you can't go wrong with!

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Steak Maruyama

This is a must-go if you want to have a "teppanyaki" experience. Teppanyaki is a cooking style where you see the chef cook the steak (or various other foods) on a large iron plate. Steak Maruyama is a high-end resto known for its exquisite wagyu beef teppanyaki steak. They also serve teppanyaki seafood that you should definitely try as well. The dinner courses range in price from ¥3,800 to ¥13,800. You can order a la carte as well.
Located near the Susukino Station.

Steak And Wine Ishizaki

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This is another high-end restaurant for true beef lovers. Ishizaki serves locally raised cattle from the Ebetsu area. The quality and freshness of the black cattle wagyu beef are so outstanding that they even serve beef sashimi delicacies. As you may expect from such a restaurant, the courses are quite expensive, starting at ¥8,640.
S 00ad https://gurunavi.com/en/h033200/rst/

The Meat Shop

The Meat Shop is a popular place for a good inexpensive steak lunch (about ¥1,200). With your plate, you get 200g of meat, some rice and a small salad. The Hamburg steak is really popular too, and they also serve some steak sandwiches that have really think pieces of meat in them. If you go in a group of 4 people or more, there are some course meals that start at ¥3,000 in which you get chicken, pork, rib roast, and more!


This is the kind of place you go to on a special occasion. It has a classic European interior with a huge window on one side overlooking Sapporo's famous Odori Park, so you get a beautiful view while you dine. The dry-aged beef is just sublime. Under a controlled environment at the restaurant, the meat is aged for 4 to 6 weeks and grilled in a very high-temperature oven for the serving. This results in meat with a well-done outside and a soft, succulent inside. Expect to pay around ¥3,000 for lunch and ¥8,000 for dinner.
Near the Odori Station.

Steak Restaurant Gannen がんねん

Gannen is a little gem where you wonder how can the prices be so cheap when the dishes are so good and the portions so generous! No wonder this has been one of the most popular steakhouses in Sapporo for about 30 years. You can expect to pay about ¥1,000 for lunch and between ¥1,000 to ¥2,000 for dinner. They specialize in Hamburg steak as well. Why not have your meal with a glass of red wine?
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